Celeb Inspiration: Lily Collins

It feels like a long time since I’ve done one of these. And I’m glad I’m posting some inspiration this week! Because I’ll be honest- I’ve been in a bit of a rut. I’ve been using the same techniques with the exact same shades for like a week now. So this month I’ll be using Lilly Collins as my inspiration. She has pretty simple eyes, but usually rocks a bold lip and always has a bold brow!




Usually her eyes are pretty simple, although she does rock a little cat eye flick from time to time. But most of the time, she has very minimal shadow. Maybe just a little something in the crease but definitely no eyeliner. Her eyes are usually all lash, which is definitely some sort of falsies. But if you don’t want to do falsies apply some heavy volume mascara like the L’Oreal Lash Paradise. Let’s be honest though: usually we’re focused on those amazing brows. She’s gifted with naturally thick, bold brows. But you can still use it as inspiration! I would take a thicker pencil like the Benefit Goof Proof and outline your brows, slightly going beyond your natural brow. Fill in sparse areas with the pencil and be light handed on the part closest to your nose. Then set down your masterpiece with some brow gel.




Lily has very fair skin that is often played up on the red carpet (like this). She opts either for a matte foundation or one that has more of a satin natural finish. I would use one of my go-tos in this case, like the Too Faced Born This Way foundation. She doesn’t have any intense brightness under the eyes, so go for a concealer under the eyes that matches your normal skin tone. I would use Tarte Shape Tape if you prefer a more matte undereye. Maybelline Better Skin is another great option that has a more natural finish. Apply some powder to set concealer in place (a must for me!). Then resist the urge to apply bronzer. I wouldn’t even contour the cheek or go very light handed if you must.


Finishing Touches


Really the only thing left to talk about are the lips and the cheeks. The blush stands out since it’s the only color on her face. In this case her makeup artist used this blush on her cheeks and her eyes. For the lips, she usually rocks a bold, red lip and it tends to be matte. For her Golden Globe look, her makeup artist used this lipstick in the shade Souvenir. Then to get the super matte finish, he dusted some loose powder on top. With as simple as the rest of her look is, you could really rock any shade of lip you want to. I love the idea of a vampy color lip for Fall though so I would probably stick to a deeper tone. But a plum or a berry would be amazing if red is too scary for you.


I love the idea of a bold brow and have been playing around with different shapes lately. Especially using Lily’s angular brow as inspiration! Her vampy look from the Golden Globe red carpet is perfect for Fall and I know I’ll be practicing my bold brow techniques. I may do a “how to” on a bold brow since I don’t think we got into enough detail here. Let me know if that’s something you want more info on!

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