Worth the Hype? Buxom Full On Lip Cream

May 2, 2017Worth the Hype? Standard

Buxom Full On Lip Cream


So I just mentioned this in my glosses post but ever since I got this product, I knew I wanted to do a dedicated post to Buxom’s Full On Lip Cream. I literally bought this shade because it was so hyped about on YouTube! I wanted to start getting into glosses so this was a good addition, but here’s the full breakdown:


For starters, I got the shade White Russian which is a classic nude-pink kind of gloss. I figured it would a great basic shade to own that I could pair with a ton of different lip colors. There is a nice range of shades in this line (15 in total) but I wonder if there is a good true nude for deeper skin tones. There are definitely shades that would look beautiful, but none that I think would classify as a nude. These also have a high end price- $20 which I think is pretty standard for lip products at Sephora. The wand of this gloss is pretty long, and has a pretty standard doe foot applicator on the end. I think the applicator is a little rounder on the edge than the classic doe foot. But overall it’s very easy to use and simple to apply.


Now for the formula. I really love the high gloss finish of this. It’s not sticky and it goes on very smoothly. This is an intensely pigmented gloss that almost comes off creamy. You really don’t need a whole lot to get a nice gloss effect. Plus, it smells like vanilla buttercream- or something sweet like that! Ok now for the semi-con. This is a plumping lip gloss. Which I knew when I bought it. But holy crap I should have had higher expectations! The tingle is intense and will not go away for at least an hour. It actually burned the skin above my lips a little- so, only apply this to your actual lips. The plumping effect is not a gimmick, and even my husband was like wth is in that stuff. So, if you’re sensitive to tingling- stay away from this!


Overall, I really love the look the Full On Lip Cream gives to my lips. They look fuller and more juicy. Like I got lip injections fuller. So if you’re looking for an intense plumper, look no further. This formula does not play games. So just be prepared! And maybe try a sample to make sure you’re not sensitive first! I’m not sure this is 100% worth the hype but I will definitely say this formula is not for everyone. As for me, I will continue to use it but am not sure I’ll repurchase.


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