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February 6, 2018Reviews, , Standard

So. Much. Drama. That’s really the best way to sum up the launch of this foundation. I usually do not buy foundations this quickly after a launch. Usually, I wait and check out the reviews before I spend my money. But the concealer was so hyped up that I was just waiting to snatch up this foundation! I placed my order, got the confirmation and then waited impatiently for it to arrive.


This foundation has a very unique packaging in my opinion. It has a wand that you can use to apply the product directly to the face. The shape is identical to the concealer- doe foot with a steep slant on one side. It retails for $39 which is typical for a Tarte foundation, and this product comes in 15 shades. And it’s basically all various tones of beige, which is absolutely ridiculous. There are 3 darker shades which is basically a tan, deep, and “mahogany” with really no consideration for undertones whatsoever. I mean, just look at these swatches from PopSugar. To add insult to injury, all 3 pull insanely orange on deep skin tones. Anyone who complained about the shade range had their comment deleted and account blocked. I’m honestly ashamed I supported this launch because this shade range is so blatantly biased.


But let’s talk about the formula too. The shade Light Medium Neutral is a pretty good match for me. The applicator makes it easy to apply and I didn’t have any trouble blending it out. I think I prefer the finish with a brush but a sponge will work as well. I would say this has more of a medium coverage that is definitely buildable and it has a matte finish. It looks nice and smoothing when first applied, but I really didn’t see too much of a difference with my pores. But this really didn’t last as long as I thought it would. At the end of my 7-8 hour work day, I was looking pretty cakey. It had clung to any dry patches or any texture that I had. Thank god my office lighting is more forgiving than daylight.


For the price and the hype of the concealer, I was expecting more. I do love a matte foundation so I will try this again in the summer. But I honestly don’t think it’s worth it for the price and to actively support such a terrible launch. I wouldn’t really suggest this to anyone unless they had oily skin with no texture or dry patches. And I really think there are much better options out there anyways!


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