Hue Review: Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer

June 6, 2017Reviews, Standard

I think I’ve mentioned this concealer maybe once before, but I knew it needed its own post! I actually don’t venture too often into Sephora brand makeup. But the things I have picked up I do really like so maybe I need to pick up some more! I actually picked this up a while ago but wanted to compare this next to both high end and drugstore products. The verdict:


I’ll give some background info first though! This concealer comes in 21 shades and costs $14. First of all, 21 shades is so freaking awesome. I feel like a great shade range can be rare, but the shades on their website look amazing. So many different undertones for all different skin tones! I got mine in the shade Custard so I can use it to cover blemishes or for some light coverage underneath the eyes. And the price is awesome- it’s a little more than drugstore concealers but less expensive than most high end brands. Since it’s a Sephora Collection item, you can only get this at Sephora. But I have a Sephora inside JC Penney, so that’s where I bought it. It’s also a great excuse to place an order and get $50 worth of stuff so it ships free 😉


This concealer has a light to medium coverage. Definitely not as intense as the Tarte Shape Tape, but for lighter makeup days I have been loving this. I especially love this concealer for a “no makeup” makeup look.  This product has a really nice natural satin finish- so again, perfect for a lighter makeup day. I have to set this with a powder, but I do that with every concealer I own so that’s not a deal breaker for me. The weird thing about this concealer for me is the applicator. It’s a doe foot but the tip is rounded. It makes application a weird because not that much product comes out at once. But from the photo I see on the website, it looks like they changed the applicator! It looks much better now so hopefully my annoyance is no longer an issue!


So all in all, this concealer wears really well throughout the day and looks really natural. The price is right for me and the shade range is pretty amazing. I would recommend for all skin types for a light makeup day or a “no makeup” makeup look. Just set with powder and you’re good to go!

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