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I have been dabbling a bit more into your traditional lipsticks. Especially for those days when my lips need a break from the drying formulas of a liquid lipstick. I love a matte lipstick because you still get the matte finish but it’s more comfortable to wear throughout the day. NYX is a drugstore brand whose products tend to have good quality so I decided to give their formula a try!


The NYX Matte Lipstick comes in 45 different shades ranging from neutrals to bolds to trendy. Since it is drugstore, it’s also super reasonable- only $6! It’s a matte finish but is still supposed to be creamy and glide onto the lips. I picked up the shade Euro Trash, which is a nude shade for my lips but with a cool mave undertone. I like this shade because it is a fall tone in nature. But I can easily adjust it to be more neutral with a lip liner or gloss. This formula does glide onto the lips really nicely which actually really surprised me. A lot of times a matte formula will feel dry and drag onto your lips. But I would call this a more creamy matte because it just glided on so easily!


Since this is a traditional lipstick, it doesn’t last quite as long as a liquid lipstick would. You do have to reapply after meals, and it will transfer onto glasses. That isn’t a huge deal to me because it is a traditional lipstick so it’s expected. But I did want to share for those of you who might not know the difference. My biggest hangup with this product is the packaging. I don’t know if I just got a dud but the lipstick tube wouldn’t stay open! The pressure off applying to my lips made it slide back into the tube. It wouldn’t stay as I was applying! So application was cumbersome and annoying because I have to hold the tube very tightly so I could actually get it to apply.


Taking everything into consideration, I actually don’t mind this lipstick. The shade range is awesome and the price point makes my wallet (and my hubby) happy! I do think I will pick up another shade, probably in the neutral nude category. I just hope that packaging issue was a fluke. With the shade range and price, you can’t go wrong!


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