Hue Review: L’Oreal Infallible Blend Artist Sponge

July 29, 2017Reviews, , Standard

Since I had such great luck with the Real Techniques sponge, I decided to do some research and look into other affordable and popular sponges. The Infallible Blend Artist sponge was raved about by a few of the influencers that I follow, but wasn’t super hyped about. But the shape intrigued me and it’s affordable so I went for it!


I picked up this sponge at my local Target I believe, and it retails for about $7. So a little more expensive than a Real Techniques sponge but still cheaper than the original beautyblender. The biggest thing that intrigued me about this product was the shape. It has a slight point on one end, similar to the beautyblender. But, the other side is round and fatter. And the middle part is caved in so it almost makes a nice little grip for your fingers. But it felt much denser than both the Real Techniques and beautyblender sponges. I always use my sponges damp, and this did expand quite a bit with water. But it still felt denser than anything else I’ve used. So I was super nervous to try this!


I will say that it’s not the most gentle feeling to pounce this all over your face, but I actually ended up liking this sponge a lot! The biggest thing for me is the blending. I feel like this blends everything a little faster and a little easier. Plus, because it is a little denser it doesn’t soak up as much product! So my foundation appears to be more full coverage and I don’t need to use as much. The point is perfect for blending out my concealer under the eyes! I can get right up to my inner corner without too much effort. The biggest plus for me though is that gives a high coverage finish to my foundation even if it’s not full coverage. And I think cleaning this sponge is easier because it soaks up less product!


Overall, I really like this sponge! It is a little dense so it doesn’t feel like a therapeutic spa or anything when you’re using this. But for me the lack of waste compared to other sponges is a game changer. I have a hard time deciding between this sponge and the Real Techniques sponge. Don’t make me pick a favorite just yet! But I ended up being pleasantly surprised with this sponge (especially after I felt the density)!
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