Hue Review: Catrice Prime & Fine Contour Duo

January 11, 2018Reviews, , Standard

I basically bought this because of YouTube. I wanted to grab a ton of things from this brand to do a brand focus post on it (coming soon!). But this particular product I bought because of Casey Holmes. She uses this product all of the time, especially the contour shade so I wanted to give it a try. She does use self tanner so she does have a darker skin tone than me but the shade looked pretty light so I was thinking it would work for me as well.


Catrice is a drugstore brand, so this contour duo retails for $7.99 at Ulta. It does come in two shades so hopefully the deeper option will work for those of you with darker skin tones. I have the shade Ashy Radiance since the other option would have been too dark for me. It comes with a contour shade which is a very cool tone, almost gray shade. Looking at it in the pan is pretty scary because it is a much ashier tone than I normally use. The highlight shade does look really nice in the pan. It definitely has glitters in it which I was hoping wouldn’t transfer to the face. The shade looks like a creamy champagne with maybe a slight hint of a peachy pink undertone. When you dip your fingers in to swatch these powders, it feels really creamy.


As far as performance of these powders go, I’m not really sure how to feel. The contour has decent pigment and the highlight shade is kinda sheer but has a sheen with a nice reflect. I was actually surprised at how much I liked this intense ashy undertone on my skin. I really was not sure how it would look but it does do a great job at creating the illusion of a shadow underneath the cheekbone. But I do need to build up the color though to get the color to show up on my cheeks. So I think this would work for fair skin as well. The highlight is very sheer, but it does give some glow. I think it would work best for a “no makeup” makeup look or even on no makeup days just to get a very subtle glow.


All in all, I don’t think this is a bad contour duo. But it is very different than the powders that I normally use. I’m not sure if they’re meant to be buildable powders or if they’re just poorer quality. Either way, I do think I’ll continue to use these powders but I don’t foresee them becoming holy grails for me. But if you have fair to light skin and struggle finding shades light enough, this may work for you!

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