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Contouring is definitely the trend right now and pretty much every brand has either a contour kit out or contour powders. I thought about doing a “how to” on contouring as part of my beginner’s series but then I decided against it since you don’t really start out and go immediately to contouring. And there were so many other more basic topics to cover so I put off the contouring post until right now. There are probably 1000 articles, videos, and blogs out there with this info, but I’m going to give you the basics:

Start off your routine with the face- whatever product you prefer! It could be BB cream, powder foundation, liquid. The base step is still the same no matter what. Keep in mind though that if you start off with a powder foundation, you should only go in with powder products next- stay away from cream blushes or liquid bronzers to avoid looking cakey! When choosing a shade, find one that’s 1-2 shades darker than your natural skin tone. If you’re more on the fair side search for cool or ashy-toned products but if you’re deeper, find one with a warmer undertone. Look for matte products and avoid anything with shimmer- you’re going for a natural, shadow effect. My favorite powders are the Too Faced Contour Kit (Medium Cocoa for contouring) and Benefit Hoola because it adds a touch of warmth without overdoing it. If you want to try a liquid, this will look more natural in the end but I liked getting used to the technique and placement with a powder to start with. Benefit actually has a liquid form of its Hoola powder called Dew the Hoola that is great for liquid contouring.

Now that you’ve chosen a product, where the heck do you put it?! There are sooo many charts that talk about your face shape and where exactly to put contour, where to highlight and where to apply your blush. It’s all so confusing- like am I oval or oblong? Square or diamond? Chances are, you don’t want that intense runway or photoshoot contour. You probably just want to give your face some color and some dimension to enhance your natural features. To start out with, find the hollows of your cheekbones and apply the powder in the hollow starting from the top of the ear and end at about the middle of the cheek or center of your eye. If you’re having trouble with the hollows, the easiest trick is to get a pen and roll it over your cheekbone. You’ll feel where the hollow part is pretty easily- and that’s where to apply your product! My favorite tool to use is the Sigma F84 but I also really like the SImissglam Small Contour W07 brush that I got in my ipsy a few months back. I also take a little and apply the powder along my hairline and temples, but that’s definitely not a necessary step.

So those are the basics- a totally simplified version of what you need to know to get a contoured look. These steps will not make you look instantly like Kim K, but who really needs that for every day life?! Really all you need are products and a technique that will make your natural features look a little more defined. Have an idea for my next “how to?” Let me know in the comments below!

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