My Holiday Wish List!

I was looking at my last wish list and sadly didn’t invest in a lot of the splurges I was raving about. But this year’s list is coming before the holidays so maybe I’ll treat myself if I get any gift cards. One of these is a roll-over from last year but all if the others are brand new products that are on my list for this year! There’s a little bit of everything so check them all out below:


Image result for nightbright duoDrunk Elephant NightBright Duo


There’s a serum from Drunk Elephant that has been on my wishlist for freaking ever but I have such a hard time clicking the Add to Cart button because it’s $90! But I’ve heard such great things about the TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum and the magic it works on texture. I found this set last year but it has constantly been out of stock so I never grabbed it. But now it’s back and I may just have to snag it! It comes with a mini version (.27 oz) of both the night serum and their Virgin Marula Oil. I figure it’s a great way to try some without breaking the bank before splurging for a full size.


Kat Von D Everlasting Lip LinerImage result for kat von d everlasting lip liner


Kat Von D is known for her long lasting products for all things beauty. I am a pretty big fan of her liquid lipsticks so I am hoping her lip liners are just as good. They are rated crazy high on Sephora’s website and I have heard so many great things about it! But not a lot of chatter from the beauty influencers which I find interesting. I have seen people say these last almost as long as the liquid lipsticks which is a claim I’m thinking I need to put to the test. These liners comes in 30 different shades and I can’t ignore her track record plus the rave reviews!


Image result for Smashbox Photo Edit Eye Shadow TrioSmashbox Photo Edit Eye Shadow Trio


This is a brand spanking new product that was just released last week so I do want to test some of these shadows out before buying. But I have been looking for a shadow palette with basic shades that is compact for travel. This trio seems like the perfect thing to travel with so that immediately caught my eye! It comes in 13 different eyeshadow combos but the one I would probably go with is Nudie Pic: Light. The reviews do make me a little nervous though because they look to be a mix of positive and negative. I’m hoping when I swatch them in store I’ll like the formula because this would just be so perfect!


The OrdinaryImage result for the ordinary


So this is less of a specific product and more of an entire brand. The Ordinary is a no-frills brand that is known for great ingredients at great prices. They have skincare serums and items for less than $10 plus they’ve recently come out with a Colors line that has makeup items in that same price point! And they recently announced they’re coming to Sephora online on December 20th! I have heard amazing things about their serum called Buffet so that bad boy is on the top of my list. They have so many other products and a ton of helpful information on their website too. So I’m excited to learn more about this brand and hopefully test out some awesome skincare!


Image result for Beachwaver S1 Curling IronBeachwaver S1 Curling Iron


So Beachwaver did an ad campaign on either Facebook or Instagram a while back and it totally worked on me. I love when my hair is curly and am forever envious of women who style their curls with ease. And I do think my hair holds a curl decently well, but I totally suck at using curling irons. I discovered this curling iron through one of their ads and it just looks so easy! I either have my iron too cold or don’t wait long enough. And I forget how I’m supposed to wrap my hair to get the curl I want. For some reason, it doesn’t click for me and this iron looks like the answer I’ve been looking for!


There are a ton of other items I could find to add to this list for sure, but I don’t want to bore you to death with all of my “I wish” items. So I wanted to leave to just a few that are on the top of my list to check out for myself this holiday season. I’d love to hear some of the items on your wishlist as well!

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