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May 17, 2016ipsy Bags, Standard

May Glam Bag


Can you believe it’s already mid-May?! I don’t know where the past 2 weeks have gone. Anyways, the theme of May’s glam bag was Destination Chic. Again, the theme doesn’t seem to match the products but there are always cute pictures related to the theme.

Here’s this month’s products:


IMG_3698Crazy Rumors HibisKiss Natural Lip Color in Coral


I’ve never heard or seen anything about this brand. But, this product is all natural and eco-friendly which is super cool. I am really into lip products recently so I was curious about this product. I don’t think it’s a stain but the balm is pretty moisturizing and the shade is really nice. It’s not really a bright coral but it is a nice “my lips but better” type shade.


The packaging states that this product smells like Hibiscus, so I assumed it to have a very floral scent. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up the cap and found a fruity scent! I do like this product, but it didn’t really leave me super excited. It’s nothing I would repurchase and I don’t feel the need to look into other things from this brand. If all natural and eco-friendly products are very important to you, this could a be a great brand to look into though!


Eva NYC Hungry Hair Oil TreatmentIMG_3699

This was the products I was least excited about trying. I am usually not a big fan of hair products in my bag. I put off trying this oil because I was convinced it would leave my hair feeling greasy and flat like so many other oils I’ve tried. But, one of my coworkers also got the oil in her glam bag and was raving about this oil so I knew I had to give it a fair shot.


The smell of this is actually amazing- it smells faintly of vanilla and the scent does actually linger in the hair for a little while at least. I have not tried this on freshly washed hair yet because my hair is thin. I’m terrified that this will leave it oily and weird looking throughout the day. I only wash my hair 2 times a week though, so I’ve used this oil on days where I’m only using dry shampoo. If you struggle with dry shampoo, see my quick tip here. I was definitely impressed with this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good hair oil!


IMG_3702Slmissglam Small Contour W07 Brush


This product was probably the one I was most excited to try when I saw everything in my glam bag. I have a brush that I’ve been using to contour but it sheds like crazy and I’m so over it. This brush is a great size, especially for travel and the brush handle is so glam! It’s white and gold which is always such a chic combo! Plus there are these adorable little gems on the handle! I feel like I need to display this brush somehow because it’s so pretty!


As for the actual practical part of this brush, I have used this multiple times since it came in my glam bag. The brush itself is the perfect shape to get into the hollows of the cheekbones and really carve them out. But, it doesn’t create an intense line so you can the contour more natural if that’s the look you’re going for. I think this is a natural hair brush so it does soak up product but I don’t mind that so much since it makes it harder to go too heavy on your contour shade. I’ve actually washed this brush since I got it and haven’t experiences any shedding which is awesome. I had high hopes for this brush in my bag and it actually met my expectations!


Aurora Gel Effect Nail PolishIMG_3700

I feel like I was just talking about how meh I was about getting nail polish in my bag and then they sent me yet another polish. This is yet another bright shade that I could really only wear on my toes. When I first saw that I was getting this online, I was a bit disappointed but it looked like I was getting a fuchsia shade so I was trying to keep an open mind. Turns out the shades you see online are not necessarily the ones you’ll get in your bag.


The shade I actually got was a bright, neon orange. I can do peach shades, but straight up orange is really hard for me to pull off. I just don’t think it’s that flattering for my skin tone. Despite that, I will try this color on my toes just to see how I feel. I definitely won’t be able to pull this off on my nails though. I try to keep those more neutral since I work in an office. I’m not sure how much use this will get since nail polish on toes can pretty much survive the apocalypse.


IMG_3701Smashbox X-Rated Mascara


The last item in my glam bag was from the most well-known makeup brand- Smashbox. I’ve tried a few products from this brand before, but I think I’ve only tried out their primers thus far. This was intriguing when I first saw it but I wasn’t too excited about yet another mascara. I feel like I’ve tried so many and I have a few that I love so I’ve been trying to stray away from new mascaras.


I don’t really mind the formula of this mascara so much but there are other mascaras out there that I prefer. The thing that threw me off the most about this mascara was the wand. It’s called X Rated and the wand has bristles that are kind of X shaped, so the name is appropriate. The bristles are farther apart and couldn’t really grab onto the lash to coat it with mascara. And it’s so hard to coordinate rotating the wand while wiggling it at the root of the lash to get the most volume. I’m going to keep trying this and hopefully I’ll get the hang of it. So if you have any tricks, please let me know!


Sadly, this has to be my least favorite glam bag that I’ve gotten so far. The snap closure on this instead of the zip was way more exciting than I expected to be, but that was probably the most excited I got about this month’s bag. I just reviewed all of these products on the ipsy website so I’m hoping that will help in making next month’s bag more exciting for me. My two favorite products from this bag was the contour brush and surprisingly, the hair oil What did you get in your bag this month?!


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