My Favorite Spring Trend Tutorials!

May 9, 2017Tutorials Standard

Finding these tutorials are always a little bit of a struggle. I have been watching more product review and new makeup videos lately so I had to dig through some of my old faves! As always, I tried to pick out a variety of looks that would suit many different preferences. If you’re looking for natural or you want bold, I’ve got you covered!


GRWM Special Event Makeup | Desi Perkins


I love this look has a more natural finish and Desi’s skin is just glowing! She definitely uses a lot of products in this video so it is a full face of makeup. But you would never know it. I love a glowy, radiant finish for Spring. Desi’s techniques are really nice and easy, and she explains everything really clearly! Obviously, not all of her steps are mandatory- with my lashes, I could probably skip the falsies that she uses. But the overall makeup look is a great tutorial and perfect inspiration for Spring!




#SprungonColourPop Phase 1: Nectar Tutorial


Ok, so tutorial wise this isn’t my favorite but I love the tones of this one! It’s not super informational or detailed, but you can easily see the products used. And they’re all ColourPop so affordability for the win! The peach/nectar tones are so popular this Spring! Not only that, but monochromatic looks are also super popular this season so this look is super on trend. It’s also a pretty easy, light look- no liner or falsies! So if you’re a beginner, this would be great to try out.




Fresh Spring Makeup Tutorial | Pinks & Neutrals | Jaclyn Hill


Talking about Jaclyn makes a little sad, because I wish she’d do more tutorials like this on her channel. I get she can’t please everyone and she’s so busy because she’s so popular and talented. But I miss when she churned out amazing quality tutorials like this one! This one has some shimmer which I love for Spring! It’s another one without any liner and you can totally skip the lashes so it’s super easy to achieve! I just love shimmer for Spring and this has such a pretty, fresh look overall.




Soft Spring Makeup tutorial | Christen Dominique


I actually watch Christen on SnapChat more than anything else, but every once in awhile she talks about a video I have to check out! This look is super simple and easy to achieve. I also love the pinky mauve tones she used- another on trend color for Spring! Obviously you could skip the lashes if you want. I just love how fresh this looks but it still incorporates nice color and glow. I also love that she used that shimmery shadow wet to create a subtle wing. I probably wouldn’t wing it out because I’m still getting the hang of it. But it’s a cute, subtle option that is perfect for Spring!




Soft Rose Gold Tutorial ft. Benefit Cosmetics! | Lustrelux


I started out only watching Katy on SnapChat but lately I’ve been totally binging on all of her videos. Like even ones from when she first started YouTube. I love this because of the rose gold shimmer! I mean, who doesn’t love rose gold?! On top of that, she does a winged liner using brown liquid liner which I rarely see. Of course you can do the wing however you want, or skip it altogether. Personally, I would attempt to do a little flick a la Taylor Swift or Lauren Conrad. No falsies in this one so it has some boldness with the liner but doesn’t overdo it.



So there are my fav Spring tutorials for 2017! I also did one of these posts for 2016, if you’re looking for more inspiration or ideas. Spring might be one of my favorite times for makeup trends, because I just love the pastel fresh shades mixes with glowy skin. And for my combo skin, it’s before I become an oil slick in the summer!


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