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November 7, 2016Tutorials Standard

If you’re not feeling the Fall season by now, I’m not sure what to tell you- the leaves here have turned and that crisp air is back! Plus, there’s apple cider and PSLs practically everywhere you look. Fall trends usually involve a bold lip and warm toned eyeshadows with matte skin. Obviously, your makeup doesn’t need to do all of those things on a daily basis but I wanted to round up my favorite fall looks for this season. I tried to vary the intensity of the tutorials and the products used, so most people should be able to find a new tutorial to try out this season!


LustreLux- Halo Winged Liner Tutorial

I still have not tried this eyeshadow technique out, but I think this eye look is just beautiful and perfect for Fall. I also just love Katy’s personality so much- I just had to watch this video and see this look! Winged liner has always been a struggle for me, but I think I could get on board with this halo effect. SInce I have smaller eyes, I think this technique would draw emphasis without overpowering my small lids. I also love that she paired this eye look with more of a dramatic lip that just screams fall. Of course, the lip color would be an easy thing to swap out if you wanted to be more/less bold but personally, I think the bold fall lip is what really makes this on trend for the season.



Jaclyn Hill- Purple Smokey Cat Eye

I’m used to seeing coppers, oranges, reds, and all those other typical fall colors in a smokey eye. This tutorial is from last year on Jaclyn’s page but I just love this look for the fall. Purple is still very popular in the fall and she uses a deeper shade mixed with your typical warm toned shadows to achieve this smokey eye. It’s just different enough to catch your eye when you’re scrolling through tutorials but yet it’s still in line with makeup for this season. The lip she paired with this look is a little more subtle which is good for those of you who maybe want to experiment with eye looks but don’t feel comfortable rocking a bold lip quite yet. I think this look is a little more intense than the Halo tutorial but would be amazing for a night out.



Christen Dominique- Drugstore VS High End Fall Makeup Tutorial

I will admit that I do not watch a ton of Christen’s YouTube channel, but I do follow her on SnapChat and she just has such a cute, bubbly personality. She also has more problem skin, which is good for recommendations because she is looking for products that will do more in terms of coverage and oil control. I love that she found dupes for high end products in this video and still created a beautiful (and not too intense!) look for the fall. Yes, the cranberry shadow might be a bit much for some but this look doesn’t have any eyelashes or intense liner so it would be a pretty easy look to achieve.



Casey Holmes- Ultimate Fall Makeup Tutorial 2016

Casey probably has the most dramatic makeup looks posted on a regular basis. So if you’re into dramatic makeup and full glam looks, you need to follow her if you’re not already. Plus her Southern charm is just the best! This look has some bold lashes and a bold lip paired with a smoked out lower lash line.This is definitely one of the more intense videos I’m talking about in this post, but overall it’s a pretty simple step-by-step process. The only tricky part for me would be the lash application- another thing I haven’t mastered yet. It’s a pretty sultry look that would be great for a date night or even just a night out with the girls.



Kathleen Lights- Easy Makeup Tutorial for Green Eyes

This title may have some of you with non-green eyes totally uninterested. But, I have blue eyes and could totally work with this eye look. Just because Kathleen has green eyes, doesn’t mean this look will only look good on green eyes. Yes, the warm, red-toned shadows will make green eyes pop but this is generally a great, wearable eye look for the day time. The warm toned shadows are also great for fall in general- not just green eyes. And it’s paired with a bold lip which makes it even more on point for this season! If you wanted to switch out the lip shade obviously you can, but I just love bold lips in the fall. You could also switch up the lid color to match your eye color better: try a copper for blue eyes or a plum/eggplant for brown and hazel eyes! To me, this is the most practical makeup tutorial because it’s something I would totally try when getting ready for work.



Hopefully all of those tutorials didn’t wear you out! I’d love to see your looks recreated off of these videos. Or even better, if you have a favorite fall tutorial I didn’t mention let me know in the comments so I can check it out! I do want to mention that this week’s posts will be a bit off schedule- but in a good way. I’m hoping to get a post up today, Wednesday, and Friday so keep a look out and let me know if you have any suggestions for future posts!


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