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This is something that I have never personally gotten into, but I admire so much. I sit and stare at iPad in amazement and awe whenever a new tutorial is posted. I think they’re so creative and the techniques they use are just so unique! So I wanted to share a few of my favs Halloween tutorials from this year:


Halloween Look: Workout Barbie | ColourPop Cosmetics



I like this video because it’s super quick! If you’re a beginner and need more step-by-step instructions then you might need to skip this one. But if you are pretty comfortable with makeup and need an easy look to throw together for a Halloween party, this is a great one! All of the products besides the base ones are ColourPop so they’re affordable. And this could be a pretty simple costume to put together depending on what you already have in your closet!


Demon Halloween Look | Desi Perkins



I will literally tell everyone I know about this tutorial. If you have time on your hands and want something super spooky, look no further! Desi uses straight up cosmetic body paint for this so you will need to invest in Halloween-specific makeup. I love that she goes through each step and really explains what’s she’s doing. She even shows some missteps that she had and how to correct them. I also love that she showed her inspiration for creating this spooky look. Desi continues to amaze me with her talent and creativity. Any of her 2017 Halloween tutorials are amazing!


Easy Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial | Lustrelux



I love that this one is a spin on the classic skull makeup. It almost reminds me of a colorful sugar skull. It’s a girly glam skull look, if you will. I love that it uses pinks and purples to get the color too! She does use a lot of different products so you may want to hunt for dupes. or try to use things you might already have. In general though this is a really cute makeup look that will take some time to recreate. And this could be a great way to try out a new technique with shading only being a portion of the look.


Halloween Look: “It Girl” Pennywise | Nicole Guerriero



This is another super creepy tutorial. But it takes a little less time and technique than Desi’s tutorial, I think. Plus this one is super trendy with the IT movie having just come out. So there may be a ton of clowns this Halloween but you can impress them all if you master this look. Minus the fake blood and accessories, there isn’t too many Halloween specific products you need for this one. It is simpler than other creepy looks I’ve seen and it seems like an easy to get look overall!


Medusa Halloween Makeup Tutorial | Nicol Concilio



I don’t watch Nicol’s videos often at all, but I saw this Halloween tutorial pop up so I just had to check it out! It is a sponsored video but she was very honest about and the product isn’t a huge portion of the tutorial. I don’t see Medusa tutorials very often and I love how creative she was in getting the scale effect to her eyes, lips, and face. There’s also a subtle glam effect to this whole look with the gems, sequins and dramatic lashes!


So those are some of my fav 2017 Halloween tutorials at the moment from this year! I’m sure others will pop up in the upcoming days though. I tried to select a mix of simple and more complex looks that used a whole array of different techniques. So hopefully this post was helpful whether you exactly recreate one of these looks or just use one of the techniques as your own!

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