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When you’re reading this, I am (hopefully) hanging out by the beach without a care in the world! Vacation felt like it would never get here but I’m glad I kicked it into high gear to prep some posts for you all. When I was packing, I wanted to keep it light. Plus, I’m planning on being a beach bum so how much makeup did I really need? These are the products I decided were perfect for my beach vacation!


Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

You may be sick of hearing me talk about this foundation, but ‘seriously my holy grail! Even though it’s in a glass bottle, I always bring this with me when I travel. I know this has an amazing finish, no flashback and will last all day! It has medium coverage so it never feels heavy and never gets greasy in the humidity. Plus the shade match for me is literal perfection. My ride or die for life in general.


Maybelline Better Skin Concealer

Another product I mention a lot. But at least you know I’m not lying to you! This concealer looks great underneath the eyes. Plus it’s an affordable formula so I don’t feel as guilty if I use it every day. It has a more natural finish which is the type of look I normally go for when I’m on vacation. It’s super easy to blend in and I can apply it without really thinking too much about it. Which is perfect if I’m trying to get ready between the beach and dinner!


Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

I normally go for more of a matte bronzer, but this one seems to be the exception! It looks like it would be shimmery based off the pan. But when you apply this on the skin it just has a nice glow to it. Nothing too metallic or shimmery but just like a healthy glow. The undertone is warm so I won’t use this to contour. But it gives such a healthy tanned look to the skin which is perfect for summer vacation!


Wet n Wild Highlight in Boozy Brunch

This is a relatively new product for me, but I have been loving it so far this summer! I normally go for a more subtle highlight. And this is definitely not that! It is an intense, almost metallic highlight. But I love the golden undertone in this. It gives me golden goddess vibes which I am all about in the summertime. I love pairing it with the Physician’s Formula bronzer. It’s seriously the perfect glowy combo for summer!


L’Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper in Light to Medium

I’ve talked about this product before too but it’s such a crucial product for me! If I’m trying to get out the door quickly or going for a more natural look, this is perfect. The brush is slightly bigger so it just takes a few strokes and my brows are done! It has a hint of color which helps define my brows. But it is a gel formula so it also helps tame them and keep them in place. So quick and easy for me- it’s a must have!


Tarte Lights Camera Splashes Mascara

Obviously at the beach, you need some waterproof mascara. I normally don’t prefer waterproof, but I feel like I have to pack it on vacation! Even if I wear no other makeup, some waterproof mascara can do wonders. I usually don’t wear makeup to the beach, but if we’re going to be doing other things before or after then it’s nice to have. Just in case. I love the original formula of this mascara so I grabbed a mini size of their waterproof version.




Becca Beach Tint in Grapefruit

This is a product that I love taking with me on vacation! I’ve never talked about this on my blog because it’s one I love for summer. And more specifically for the beach. It’s perfect for between the beach and lunch or dinner. It can be used on the cheeks or on the lips. Plus it’s a cream product so it’s easy to apply and looks great even with very minimal makeup. I love this coral shade for summer go- definitely goes with my beach vibes!


Hopefully I kept that short enough and maybe even gave you some ideas for your vacation must haves! I truly love these products and they always seem to make it back into my rotation in the summer months. I’d love to hear your favs below so I can find some new favorites!


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