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The “no makeup” trend seems to be a long lasting one, and I think it’s great for summer. Maybe you want a little something, but don’t want to do the most. I decided I’d round up my fav products to achieve this look and share them with you! I would totally rock all of them at once, but you can pick and choose which products you’d want to give a shot.


Sephora Bright Future Concealer


This concealer is a great mid-range price and comes in a wide variety of shades. It has a light to medium coverage which is great if you want a minimal makeup look. I love it for “no makeup” looks because the finish is the perfect satin natural. You can get away with spot concealing and it won’t be super obvious! My biggest gripe is the wand on this barely grabs any product so you have to dip in a lot. But there’s a new wand and it looks much easier to use.


It Cosmetics CC Perfecting Powder



I bought this powder on a whim and have really come to love it. I used it a ton when I was at the beach which I was not expecting. I wanted something more than just spot concealing to even out my skin tone. But I wanted something I could apply quick so we could be out the door for dinner. It has an extremely natural finish and just enough coverage to even everything out. It also wasn’t drying which was super important when my skin was getting drier from all the sun exposure. (And yes, that happened even with my SPF use).


Ciate Bronzer in Palm Island



When I first got this bronzer, I really did not like it. I did not see the point and thought it wouldn’t really do anything on my skin tone. Much to my surprise, it did actually show up. I thought it wouldn’t give me the same bronze effect. But it was from an ipsy bag so I gave it a shot. It is such a great bronzer! It’s matte, which I love. And it gives such a nice tan to the skin. Not an “in your face” shade but natural and subtle. Like you’ve been at the beach without actually sitting through the traffic!


Essence Pure Nude Highlighter



This might actually be my most used highlight. For summer I have been trying out the more intense and metallic highlights. But I always go back to this one! For starters, it’s only $4.50. How can you beat that? It does stink that there’s only one shade though. Anyways, this is so natural on the skin. It blends so well and applies so smoothly! It just looks like you’re glowing when the light hits it right. Definitely one of my fav drugstore products!


Rimmel Scandaleyes Liner in Nude



Another drugstore fav! I have yet to find another liner, high end or otherwise that I like as much as this liner. I want to get it in the other shades too! It’s only $4 and I honestly like it much more than the NARS pencil I got (which was nowhere near $4). It instantly brightens my eyes and makes them look bigger. I get that doe eyed effect I’ve been loving and it stays in my waterline. Even with just mascara, this pencil will make you look more awake with just minimal effort!


Benefit Roller Lash



I feel like I haven’t really talked about this mascara much lately. But it is one of my favs for a minimal makeup look. It does come in brown if you wanted to go a step further. But if I’m already applying makeup, black mascara is a must for me! You don’t even need to use a curler with this- a total time saver. It lengthens my lashes like crazy and instantly lifts them so it looks like I took the time to curl them! It never clumps or flakes throughout the day either. It is hands down my fav mascara for minimal makeup.


L’Oreal Glossy Balm in Lovely Mocha



An oldie but a goodie. This glossy balm is perfect for that minimal makeup look. I love these crayon type of lip products because they’re so easy to travel with. This shade is a great natural, nude color. Plus it has a sheen so it does give some color and shine to the lips. I do have other lip crayons that are matte but I like the shine that this gives!  It’s also a balm so it does hydrate- another huge plus for when I was at the beach. Plus it’s drugstore. So it only costs about $8!


Like I said, I would totally wear all of these at once. Probably not so much a “no makeup” makeup look that way. But you can mix and match these products to suit your preferences. And you’ll end up with a great “no makeup” or minimal makeup look. I’d love to hear any go to products you might have as well!


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