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I had such a hard time this year finding my fav holiday makeup tutorials! Most of the people I follow haven’t done any yet which is so crazy to me because Christmas will be here so soon. I did find some from about a year ago that I love. And I was sure to check that I didn’t mentioned them in last year’s post! So if you need ideas or just like watching people play with makeup, here’s my top 5 favs:


FULL COVERAGE New Years GLAM! | Casey Holmes


This holiday makeup tutorial is definitely a bold look, but if you can’t rock a glitter smokey eye during this time of year then when can you?!? Casey is the smokey eye queen and the silver glitter in this tutorial really makes this look for me. She does balance it out with a nude lip which I love. Casey is a huge falsie fan and this video is no exception. You can opt out of those but for this look I really think the falsies tie it together!


Simple Holiday Makeup Tutorial | Red Glossy Lips | Kathleen Lights


This tutorial is soooo much simpler than Casey’s tutorial so it’s perfect for those of you who may want to do a little something but aren’t comfortable with a full on smokey eye. There is a deep green winged liner in this look which is so perfectly festive. You can also get the same festive effect without going for a full wing! Most holiday looks I see feature a matte red lip so I love that Kathleen put a little twist on this one. Even though this one is simpler, she still uses falsies in this tutorial (but I think this look would still work beautifully without them)!


Full Coverage New Years Eve Glam Makeup Tutorial | Christen Dominique


The star of the show in this holiday makeup tutorial is obviously the eyeshadow. This one is still neutral and wearable since it’s not smokey but does have a glitter winged liner that makes it perfect for the holidays! I love that the lid shade has slight color and slight shimmer that just gives an overall glow to the eyelid. This is yet another look that uses falsies but I actually think the shimmery lid and glitter liner would pop even more without falsies! And this look is even more wearable since it’s paired with nude lips.




This tutorial is the simplest one I found and it is seriously so easy! Jaclyn does use a loose glitter on the eyes but you could seriously just use that Stila shadow and it would still scream holiday. And again, there are falsies in this one but they are 100% not necessary for this look in my opinion. If you do skip the falsies, I would suggest just lining the upper lash line to add more pop to the eyes before mascara. To finish off, I think the red totally completes the holiday feel. But at the same time, I like the more neutral alternative.




This is another more complicated tutorial but if you want to go all the way, 100% bold- this is a showstopper look! It has a cut crease and winged eyeliner which can take some patience but the finished look is stunning. I love the metallic eye and the fact that it’s a rose gold instead of the champagne or silver you usually see. She does use falsies which for this look and the bold liner I do think is a necessary step. But this bold eye look with a bold deep wine lip color is just perfect for an evening holiday party- and would be a great NYE look as well!

So in the end, I was able to find a good variety of looks for this holiday season. Personally, I love a red lip for December and break out the glitter for New Years! But any of these looks would be awesome for any holiday occasion you have coming up. I think I’ve gathered up some inspiration from this post and am excited to play around next week for my family’s gathering!

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