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The first day of Fall is right around the corner (next week!). Some may say it’s too early for posts like these, but I think it’s good to have some inspiration for the upcoming season! I tried to get a mix of dramatic and simple looks. But let me tell you- Fall is all about a smokey eye so it was near impossible to find a simple look! But I did find some tutorials great for beginners- so get into the Fall spirit and try a little smokey eye:


Fall Makeup Tutorial | Talk Through Tutorial | Casey Holmes



I mainly watch Casey for her product reviews. She has super oily skin and I really trust her opinion when it comes to long lasting products. She also has rosacea and sensitive skin so I love watching her to see what products work for her. But her Fall tutorials are amazing. She’s super into Fall and she has a ton of vampy and smokey tutorials on her channel! This video is her most recent smokey eye. I just love burgundy tones for Fall. And she ramps up the look even more by adding a dark vampy lip. This look is not for the faint of heart but is a great Fall makeup look!


Quick Easy Brown Smokey Eye for Beginners | Desi Perkins



I actually finally tried this look on my eyes for work on Friday. And I loved it! You only need 2 eyeshadows and you can pair it with whatever look you want. It’s a very soft and easy to follow eye look. I think it’s appropriate for daytime but you could amp it up with deeper colors on the eyes or on the lips. It doesn’t take long to do but it does introduce you to some of the techniques needed for a dramatic smokey eye. I would highly recommend this tutorial for beginners or for someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup! Desi uses falsies in this video, but I just popped on mascara and it still looks great!


Smokey Fall Inspired Makeup | Jackie Aina



Jackie is someone I’ve started watching more recently for multiple reasons. First of all, she’s freaking hilarious. I just love her sense of humor and her sass! She also calls out brands and products for not being friendly to people of color. After watching some of her videos, I find myself paying more attention to shade ranges of products. And I plan to support more POC friendly brands and products! This tutorial is similar to Casey’s but the lid color is brighter so it’s not as vampy. But she does opt for a metallic lip which is super trendy for Fall! Again, probably for the more advanced but if you practice anyone can do it!


My Go-To Daytime Glam Makeup Look | Jaclyn Hill



Like I said before, finding a more simple eye look that also would be great for Fall was a struggle! This is a nice subtle eye look and would be even simpler without the falsies. Overall, this is a tutorial that is very easy to recreate which is why I wanted to include it. If you wanted it to scream fall a little more, you could easily sub out the lip for something deeper. But for those of you who like minimal makeup, this is perfect! Obviously there are steps you can easily skip depending on what products you like to use.


Drugstore VS High End Fall Makeup Tutorial | Christen Dominique



I know, another dramatic eye look. But it’s what Fall is all about! It has a dramatic winged liner if you’re feeling adventurous. And of course a deep smokey eye, but this one has a more natural lip color! I really wanted to include this one because Christen shows both high end and drugstore options. So if you want a reason to splurge, she’ll give you one! But if you’re looking to get some new Fall products on a budget she has some great suggestions. I still haven’t perfected a winged liner so this one is the scariest for me. But you can still use the video as inspiration and not complete 100% of the steps!


I know we still have another week until Fall is officially here but I hope you enjoyed this post and now have some good inspiration! I’d love to see your favorite tutorials! Or even share some of the looks you decide to create this Fall. I am excited for football, cooler weather, and pretty foliage (but not happy that it means Winter is one season closer).


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