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September 7, 2017DIY, , Standard


While this month’s DIY is meant to be simple and easy, boy did it take a while for me to finish! Motivation during Labor Day weekend was a struggle. And when I finally decided to get started, I found out our puppy destroyed the bag with the hot glue sticks in it! So as long as you don’t have a mischievous pup like I do, this fall wreath should be simple for you to DIY. I did mine for less than $25 (thank you Michael’s sales!) and it took about an hour.


To start off with, grab a wreath. Mine is an 18” vine-like one I got for $5 at Michaels. There are plain wire ones and pre-made ones. But I wanted to DIY and customize mine a little! I grabbed some mini floral stems (on sale for $1 a piece!) and some little knick knacks like these acorns to spruce it up. I made sure to grab a variety of colors and types of stems to add interest to my wreath. Pretty sure I had 9 total overall. The acorns I grabbed have these little sticks on the end of them which will make adding them to the wreath much easier. The final touch on my wreath was my last name initial: H. We opted for the 5” wooden letter in a “fancier” font. I also debated on adding a bow or some ribbon but hubby nixed that idea.  



For the actual assembly, I started out by just placing the floral stems in the wreath. I didn’t want to start gluing until I was sure I knew where I wanted it to go. Since there are multiple flowers on one stem, I did end up cutting some of them apart (with wire cutters) so I could vary the placement more. I wanted a more full look for about ½ of the way around, with the vine part exposed on the other part. Once I assembled everything to my liking, I glued everything down. Then I added and glued the acorns in the blank spaces. I didn’t end up using the extra leaves. The final piece for me was to glue the wooden letter down.


And voila! We now have a fall wreath to hang on our door. I’ll probably also make one for Spring- not sure about winter yet. Do you think a more winter themed one would be better than leaving this one up through fall and winter? Oh, and if you don’t have one- Michael’s also sells the wreath hanger for your door. I’m always on the hunt for more DIY projects so if you see some Pinterest inspiration let me know! If you need more DIY tutorials, check my last 2 projects here and here.


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