DIY Project: Coffee Table Coasters

May 18, 2017DIY, , Standard


It has been a minute since I’ve done a DIY and honestly, I’m not sure how many more there will be. I’m thinking about doing one of these types of posts once every other month? When we first moved into our new house, I thought I was going to be doing so much DIY! But really, that hasn’t been the case. But this project is one I did in our first house and loved it so much I did a re-do for our new house!


I got almost everything I needed for this project at Michaels which is super convenient! You’ll need: Coasters, Spray Paint, a stencil or doily, and Spray Polyurethane. We did ours outside and utilized some broken down cardboard boxes to minimize the mess. To start out, we chose these Ceramic Coasters from Michael’s, but they also have slate ones as well you could choose. We already had metallic spray paint from Lowe’s so I automatically knew the color I wanted to go with! We spray painted some hand-me-down lamps so I knew using this paint would tie in nicely. The first time we did this project, we used a doily but this time I picked up this stencil. The pack comes with 2 different patterns so I may play around with these stencils somewhere else in the future! Lastly, Spray poly is key. We grabbed this clear gloss finishing spray.


Now on to the “how to” portion! Laying the stencil down is super important because you want all of the coasters to be as consistent as possible. Luckily I was able to enlist hubby’s help to make sure everything went smoothly. We got 2 4-packs of coasters so consistency was key for us. We also lifted up the stencil straight vertical right after we finished spraying to avoid it getting stuck or smearing. Obviously, they’re not all 100% perfect or identical but I love the way they turned out! The clear gloss is key to finishing this project- do not skip it! We skipped it for the first ones we did and the condensation from the glasses broke down the pattern on the tile. Using the gloss spray will prevent that from happening. Once everything dries, you’re free to use these around your house!


And voila! Super simple and easy DIY project. Coasters in the right style and color can be hard to find. Or you find a set you like but they’re crazy expensive for what they are. Or one breaks and it’s not easily replaced. We can re-make these anytime we want and we made 8 this first go around. So it’s no biggie if one breaks! I could also change up the color scheme in the future if I wanted to. Let me know if you try it- I’d love to see the finished looks!


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