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So I was originally thinking about creating a DIY holiday gift (or maybe a few!) and then sharing with you how I made each one and rate each one based on cost, difficulty, etc. But then I realized to put all of that in one post would pretty much mean writing a novel. Also I don’t think I even have that many people left on my list who I could give these gifts to! So since I was getting ideas from Pinterest anyways, I figured I’d round up my favorite pins and share them with you! I know this isn’t a beauty post, but I’m hoping it’ll still be helpful and give you some ideas for the season.



Mason Jar Recipes (Pinspiration)


There are so many gift ideas using mason jars! I plan to use these cookie recipes or hot chocolate recipes as gifts this year. We have spare jars laying around the house and we can layer these recipes using things already in our kitchen. I’ll stick a small gift card on the lid and voila! A great gift for colleagues, teacher, neighbors- whoever!


Recycled Candle Jars (Pinspiration)

The thing I love about this project is that it’s a great way to recycle old jars. We have a couple of those large candles and I feel guilty throwing them away! My sister actually just gifted us 3 of these jars. They don’t match but that’s nothing spray paint can’t fix! They’re great for cotton balls or q tips- or you could fill the inside with candy or make it into a mini-gift jar (bath salts, mini wine bottles). The possibilities are endless!


Framed Printables (Pinspiration)

This idea might actually be my favorite because it’s so stupid easy and simple. You can be the most inept at doing crafts, but you could easily pull this off! Just find an appropriate free printable, buy a frame, insert the printable and voila! This idea is also great for things other than a DIY holiday gift! It’s such easy decor for the house or the office too.




Mulled Wine Kit (Pinspiration)


This one is really only in the Medium category because it will take more time and effort to get all of the supplies and arrange them so they fit well in a package. This link also includes cute tags for each item which add a cute touch. This DIY holiday gift is perfect for any wine lover or for a housewarming or hostess gift! Even if you’re not sure they drink mulled wine, getting this gift would be the perfect excuse to finally try it out.


Hand Painted Bowls (Pinspiration)


This concept is pretty simple but in order to make it a reality, you’ll need some creativity and patience. I love the geometric shapes they went with in the example because it seems more fool-proof than a more intricate design. It will take some time to make sure you get the details just right, but the end result is so cute! Again, this could even be a great housewarming or hostess gift if not a specific DIY holiday gift!


Handmade Monogram (Pinspiration)


This is another one that is pretty simple in theory but it will take you some time. The person who wrote the article said it took her an hour, but someone more craft-challenged might need to take their time a little more. I love this one because it required minimal supplies, is low cost, and has endless possibilities stretching beyond the holidays! You could even use the same steps to do cut outs of any image so you’re not limited to monograms.



Holiday Wreath- Pinspiration


The link you click to from the pin itself actually takes you to an etsy shop where you can purchase for $65, but  to same some cash you could also make this yourself with supplies from a craft store! I’ve seen these wreaths at places like Michaels  and you could pick up bows, flowers, and wooden letters at the same place. It will take some time and prep work with arranging everything exactly where you want it. But the beauty of DIY is that you could also adjust the colors or flowers to customize this for any occasion or any person!


Rope Basket (Pinspiration)


This is another simple in theory project but I just know this will require some serious time and dedication. But the end result is so unique and so cute. I haven’t seen this in many places like some of the other projects! Just take a cheap plastic basket and some rope- glue the rope tightly to the basket and ta-da! The painting of the rope is a nice touch, but honestly totally optional as I’m sure it’d look great with just the natural rope color.


String Art (Pinspiration)


If you thought the rope project would be too time consuming, you won’t want to attempt these projects. But I love this idea because there are so many possibilities. Bonus- this pin has a ton of ideas built into one place. But yes, you would need some time on your hands- and tons of string! This is totally something I’d consider attempting as artwork to hang in my home and not just another DIY holiday gift.


Out of all of those options, you should be able to find a DIY project for even the pickiest gift recipients! The one thing I love about all of these gifts is that they’re not overly holiday focused. You could easily make these for birthday gifts, housewarming parties- and or for yourself! I definitely plan on doing the mason jar gifts this year. And for home decor I’ll be trying out the wreath and free printables. What could you see yourself trying?


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