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November 14, 2017Reviews, , Standard

This is an oldie but a goodie that I definitely haven’t given enough of a shout out to. But with all of the new formulas and products I try out, I forget about this guy in my drawer! So I decided to pick up my Benefit Hoola again and see if I could fall back in love.


This was the very first bronzer I ever purchased. And one of the first high end products I owned as well. I specifically remember that I bought this to use for my junior year homecoming. It’s a high end bronzer that retails for $29 at Ulta. I’ve never been a huge fan of the packaging because it is pretty boxy. There is also a little brush that comes with the product which I actually don’t mind so much. I love using the brush for contouring with this product or with others. But it does tend to shed- consider this your warning! Anyways, I do really like the undertones of this product. It does have a “light” formula now and I personally think it’s about time they come out with a “deep” version as well.


For my skin tone, this bronzer is perfect for giving me a sun kissed bronze. Or I can get away with using it as a contour shade for my cheekbones. It has a pretty neutral undertone but also has a touch of warmth. I think the undertone really is the key for why this bronzer is so versatile. The powder is so smooth and it’s super easy to blend if you go a little overboard. This bronzer has really nice pigment so a little really does go a long way. Which is great because it is a high end bronzer, after all. It’s also completely matte which I tend to prefer in my bronzers, and is a must-have for my contour shades.


Every time I pick up this bronzer, I wonder why I stopped using it in the first place! A little truly does go a very long way and it really is a great bronzer for my skin tone. It’s so easy to work with so it doesn’t surprise me that 16 year old me loved it too! I would definitely recommend this for light to medium skin tones. If you’re fair, try the “light” version! If you’re deep, call Benefit and tell them it’s about time to make a deep version!

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