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I may be the only one that feels this way, but I am glad December is coming to a close! I know there are a lot of other people worse off. But I have gotten more into the fresh start that a new year brings so I am excited for the clock to strike midnight tonight! Anyways, I placed a crazy holiday haul from Ulta before Christmas, and it’s finally here. I am grouping some things together and only talking briefly about these, because I got over $200 of products but only paid $1 (thank you reward points!).


Catrice Prime & Fine Primer, Contour Palette, Lip Stain, Lipstick and Lip Gloss


There aren’t really a ton of people talking about Catrice products, which I kinda get since I have only seen them on the Ulta website. But some of their products have piqued my interest, like their Pore Refining Primer and their Lip Stain formula. I haven’t heard much about either of those products which could be a bad sign. But I wanted to give it a shot anyways. The contour palette I have heard great things about though so I am excited to see how it performs! Oh and what order could be complete without a few lip products? I am hoping this lipstick shade will be more flattering on me and am curious about their lip gloss formula.


Wet n Wild Catsuit Liquid Lipstick in Video Vixen


I do already own this formula but I wanted to try out another shade! The one I have I do love but the shade is geared more towards spring and summer. I also thought it might be an extra test for this formula. This shade is super deep and perfect for fall and winter! These deeper shades can tend to be streaky or patchy so it will be another way to make sure this formula really is one of the best at the drugstore!


NYX HD Concealer and Butter Gloss


So I think I already have my concealer favorites on lock. But this NYX one is raved about a lot by different beauty influencers. And it’s pretty affordable so I figured why not give it a shot?! I think there’s also some dupe buzz around this concealer so I’ll have to do some research as well. Og, and I picked up a Butter Gloss from NYX in Creme Brulee. I have an Intense Butter Gloss, but none of their original formula? So of course I had to pick this up and give it a try!


LA Girl Pro Concealer and Just Blushing Powder


This is another drugstore concealer you used to hear more about, but it’s only really mentioned off and on now. I am already a little worried about the shade I picked up because it looks a little too dark for highlighting under the eye. But I might be able to make it work with a brightening powder. I also wanted to grab their blush in Just Peachy because I am forever searching for amazing peach blushes. This one is super affordable too so I really hope I love the formula!


Butter London Lip Oil Duo


KathleenLights actually mentioned this in a recent video of hers and the product intrigued me. I’ve mentioned it before, but my lips have been drier this winter for some reason. So the fact that this is an oil designed to give extra moisture to the lips plus give them a hint of color makes it sound like the perfect product for winter! And I saw a product from the drugstore that looks very similar so I am definitely planning a dupe post!


Morphe Brushes


Morphe is in Ulta now so I am finally giving them a shot! They don’t have a full product range here but I am hoping that might change. I also got one of their travel sets for Christmas so I am planning to do a full dedicated post to their brushes soon. I had heard bad things about their customer service in general so purchasing through Ulta gives me peace of mind enough to try out their products!


MAC Lipsticks, Lip Liner, Lip Glass, and Fix+


I definitely fell in love with the 2 matte lipsticks I have from MAC. So of course I took the opportunity to use my points to pick up some new shades and formulas! I got the cult classic Ruby Woo in a set with the matching lip liner. So I’m also stoked to try out their lip liners to see if they live up to the hype. Finally, there’s the Lip Glass which is a collaboration with beauty influencer Patrick Starr. The shade looks so beautiful and I thought it would be great to top off red lipsticks! Oh and I finally picked up Fix+ to see if it’s worth all the hype!


L’Oreal Pro Glow Foundation


I have to say that I have very low hopes for this product. So why did I even get it? Well my skin has been leaning on the dry side with the weather getting cooler. And this is a very popular foundation so I want to see how it compares to another one of their products (True Match Lumi). I didn’t mind the Pro Matte version of this foundation but it did dry pretty fast so I’m just curious to see how I’ll feel about this one.


Essence Volume Stylist Mascara, Lipstick, and Satin Blush


YouTube made me buy their mascara. And the lipstick actually. Oh, and the blush. So literally this whole lot of products is based off of beauty influencer recommendations. These are all affordable products so it won’t be totally terrible if I don’t like any of them. On the other hand, there could be a diamond from the drugstore just waiting to be discovered! I also wanted to take the opportunity to try out a variety of their products and maybe do a dedicated post about this brand in the near future!


Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Nude Creme


I have heard so many amazing things about Milani lipsticks but have never actually purchased one! So of course I had to grab a basic nude shade to give the formula a try. It’s supposedly one of the best drugstore formulas and even rival some high end ones. I feel like I’m going to have to do a dedicated post to this formula once I try it out a few times and gather my complete thoughts! I was between this shade and another one but I decided to go for the more neutral option to start. Then maybe I’ll branch out.


Burts Bees Blush in Bare Peach and Tinted Oil in Caramel Cloud


I have been dying to try out this line ever since it was first mentioned! I used to be obsessed with the lip balm and new drugstore makeup brands always intrigue me. You just never know when you might discover a hidden gem at an affordable price point. I grabbed their blush  because I’ve heard great things and the description of warm peach was literally made for me. Plus this tinted lip oil seems like a great product for the winter to give my lips a break! And it may just be a nice dupe for the Butter London lip oils I snagged.


Base 4 Nail Polish Holder


I could probably use this for nail polish and stop taking up so much cupboard space in my bathroom. But I actually got this in the hopes that I could use it for my lip products! I am finally confident enough that my puppy will not try to eat everything in his sight anymore even when left out of his crate. So I am hoping to get most (if not all) of my lip products out onto my vanity top to hopefully get more use out of all of the lip products I have in my collection! It might also make comparisons and review posts a little easier because everything will be more organized.


Phew! I felt like that post would never end. I had to group most things together otherwise I would have been better publishing a novel! Here’s to fresh new beginnings in 2018. Have a fun (and safe!) New Year’s if you have any plans!

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