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I’m still trying to behave on the spending money front. But with some of the Labor Day sales at the beginning of the month, I just couldn’t resist! So I made some small orders and got a little bit of everything- some high end and some drugstore. Check out what I got in a little more detail:


Flower Beauty Sparkle & Shade Eyeshadow Palette in Warm Natural


These look like they could be dupes for the Urban Decay Naked palettes. Or at least they have a very similar color selection. I’ve heard they’re decent quality as well so since Flower Beauty was having a sale, I grabbed one! I want to experiment more with pinky mauve shades and this looked the closest to that. When I got this home and opened it up, I will say that there are more shimmery shades than I was anticipating. We’ll see how they apply to the eyes.



Flower Beauty Sheer Up Tint in Lacy Laurel


Since I knew I was placing a Flower Beauty order, I wanted to grab a variety of products since I’ve never gotten anything from the brand before. They’re an affordable brand so I knew I could get a decent amount of stuff for the minimum for free shipping. I’ve never heard anyone talk about these. But I really enjoy these crayon type lip products because they’re easy to travel with. And they’re a nice boost of moisture. This shade is a little brighter than I expected but I love bold lip colors too!



Benefit Roller Lash


This was a repurchase for me. I did a full review on this mascara here. Obviously if I’m reordering this, I’m a fan. It was on sale for 50% off during Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty. So naturally I picked it up in black and in brown. I’m thinking the brown will be perfect for “no makeup” makeup days. Or when I want a lighter look in general. I just love this mascara with a bold lip. It helps you look put together in a flash!



Flower Beauty Ultimate 3 in 1 Blending Sponge


KathleenLights has been raving about this sponge. And I’ve heard from others that they’re obsessed too! So I decided to pick it up as well! The shape is interesting but the different sides do look practical for blending out foundation and concealer. I took this out of the package already and it does feel really bouncy and soft. Probably the closest in feel and texture to the beautyblender that I’ve tried.


Buxom Plumpline Lip Liner in Restricted


This was another grab from the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty sale. It was 50% off and I was curious to see how it would perform! I’ve decided in the next month or two, I’m going to do a round-up of different high end and drugstore lip liners. This will definitely be one of the ones I review so stay tuned if you want to know my full thoughts! I’m very curious to see if this actually has a plumping effect.


Flower Beauty Flower Pots Blush in Peach Primrose


This was the main reason I wanted to order from Flower Beauty. I have heard their matte blushes are a great formula. And that they have a great shade range. I opted for this peachy shade. Because as you know, I am on the hunt for the perfect peach blush! The packaging of this is so cute with the rose pattern on the powder. But I’ve been putting the formula to the test on this.


MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil in Revved Up


Full disclaimer: this wasn’t something I picked up on purpose. Apparently it’s been 1 year since I signed up for MAC’s reward program. I rarely order from MAC but I’ve been out of their brush cleaner for a long while. I’ve been trying out some other brands and formulas but personally MAC’s is easiest. As a 1 year anniversary perk, I got to pick a shade in their Patentpolish pencil. Again, I really enjoy the crayon lips because they’re super easy to travel with and apply. So I’m excited to see how MAC’s formula measures up to the drugstore!


Flower Beauty Kiss Stick Velvet Lip Color in So Gladiola


I’ve also heard decent things about the Flower Beauty lipsticks so I wanted to grab one of their shades. It’s supposed to be a creamy, more moisturizing formula which might be a nice break from my Fall liquid and matte lipsticks. I definitely got a brighter shade than I was going for when I ordered online. So look up swatches on Google first for a better idea on shades! I don’t mind the brighter shade and I’ll probably still wear this in the Fall- because makeup can be just fun!


I didn’t call out the MAC brush cleaner because it’s pretty boring to talk about. But it is a great brush cleaner if you’re in the market. I dump mine into a mini spray bottle that I got from Target. I spray a little on the brush and work it into a paper towel. Then I’ll just rinse off the brush to get any stubborn makeup out. Anyways, this was my latest haul! Stay tuned around December for a major haul- I have major points to cash in at Ulta!

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