ColourPop Haul!

Colourpop Haul


Remember when I talked about ColourPop Lippie Stix and Pencils the other week? Well the universe must have been listening! I only have lip products from them and I’ve been dying to try their eye and face products! I have been putting off trying them on my face so I could take photos and it has been killing me. First of all, the little note that comes in all of their shipments is so adorable- it makes me smile! Considering I ordered during a high volume flash sale, I was really impressed with the shipping. Now, let’s get to the goods (and swatches)!


Lip Products

Ok, ok, ok I just couldn’t resist! I HAD to pick up just a couple more lip products. ColourPop’s formulas are just awesome and their prices are so reasonable that I used it as an excuse to feed more of my addiction. I only picked up 2 more lip products: an Ultra Matte Lip in Lumiere 2 and a new Matte X Lippie Stix in Poppin.


Lippie Stix Swatches

L to R: Lumiere Lippie Pencil, Lumiere Lippie Stix, Lumiere 2 Ultra Matte Lip, Poppin Lippie Stix

Lumiere 2 definitely has more of a purple undertone than the original Lumiere. It is a mauve color still but it dries darker than the original Lumiere. The formula of these liquid lipsticks has definitely improved. I did pair it with the Lumiere Lippie Pencil but it’s so comfortable on the lips and wears well throughout the day. There was minimal residue on my coffee cup but I don’t think you would notice anything on glassware. It will definitely be a great fall color for when I want to have more of a bold lip. Bold lips are always on trend in and it’s so easy to achieve that I end up rocking this type of look often. I just had to support KathleenLights with this purchase!


I also decided to pick up one of the new Matte X formula Lippie Stix. The description of this formula intrigued me and I love their other formulas! The formula is long-wearing and claims to glide on without any tugging. They also claim it has a SUPER matte finish. I wanted to grab a bright color that would be perfect for Spring so I decided on Poppin. This color is an “intense berrylicious fuchsia” when this shade first launched. I was trying so hard to think of how to describe this texture because it truly is unlike anything else I’ve used. It’s silky but also somewhat velvety which makes the overall formula very comfortable. I would definitely recommend this formula if you like matte lipsticks and I will probably be picking up more in the future!



I have heard so much about these shadows on YouTube so I wanted to focus on their shimmer eyeshadows because I have heard such great things about them. I only ordered 2 shades but I already know that I’m going back for more! The formula for these shadows is different than a normal powder.  But I was still surprised when I first went to swatch this. I’m not sure why, but from the pattern on the top I thought it was going to be a cushion type of product but it’s definitely more of a cream. I used my Sigma E55 to apply and it worked perfectly!



L to R: La La, KathleenLights

I originally wanted to pick up KathleenLights Where the Light Is quad but it was all sold out :(. So instead I just picked up the shade KathleenLights since it seemed like the perfect summer lid color. From the picture online I was expecting more of a golden sheen to this product but I should have read the description. It definitely has more copper than gold. The finish of this is awesome and lasted all day on my lid. It’s a “bright golden copper in a pearlized finish.” I’m not so sure about the “pearlized” part because this color payoff was intense! It had great pigmentation using the Sigma brush. I didn’t try this with an official shadow primer, but this had great payoff. No Fix+ needed!



L to R: KathleenLights, La La, Between the Sheets, Trickery, Smoke N Whistles

The next shade I picked up because of KathleenLights Best of ColourPop video. La La looks like the perfect rose gold shade for spring! I was actually a little nervous after I got this color in the mail because KathleenLights and La La looked like very similar shades in their packaging. I must have opened my box in some weird lighting though because these two shades are distinctly different! La La is a “true rose gold in an Ultra Metallic Finish.” The color payoff is amazing and I already know that I’m going to be using this shade a ton. Rose gold is just so pretty and versatile! I used a Sigma synthetic bristle shader brush to apply this and the payoff was just as good as using your finger.


Face Products

I was in such a frenzy checking out on the ColourPop website that I totally forgot to grab a bronzer to test out the formula! I was trying to get at least one of each of their products but I totally spaced on bronzer.



L to R: Trickery, Between the Sheets

The first blush I got is Trickery. It looked like a great color for Spring! Andddd it came recommended by KathleenLights (are we noticing a trend in my choices?). This is a “soft pastel true peach in a satin finish.”  This is definitely a true peach shade which I think compliments my skin tone perfectly! When I tried this, I applied it with my fingers and it worked just fine.  The blushes are essentially a cream product and the texture is so smooth. This shade was super pigmented when I applied with my fingers. But the payoff isn’t as good when I tried it with a brush. So I definitely want to invest in a brush that works well with these products.


The second blush I chose was Between the Sheets and yup, you guessed it. Another recommendation from KathleenLights. This shade is a “mid-tone beige pink in a matte finish.” I swatched this and it’s great neutral shade that will work with any look. The one thing I noticed about both of these shades is that the color of the actual shade in the pot does not necessarily match the shade when swatched. I would recommend searching for swatches of the products online to help you decide. This shade was much more neutral when I applied it using my fingers.


Last product to talk about- I just picked up one highlighter and it was such a struggle to make a decision! I finallyIMG_4111 decided on Smoke N Whistles. I was worried that some of the other recommendations would be too similar to the cult favorites that I already own (aka The Manizer Sisters and Champagne Pop). This shade is described as a “cool-toned pink champagne with silver highlights.” I actually didn’t really pick up on the pink of this shade when I originally swatched it, but now looking back at the pictures I can totally see the pink undertone in this shade.


I’m glad I got this because it definitely is unique from all of the other highlighters I own. I’m thinking this would be great with rose gold eyes, a look I love. When I tested this, I used a beautyblender and applied it directly to my cheekbone. At first, I didn’t think the color payoff was great because I didn’t notice much of anything. So I went back in with my finger to apply more product. Then I went out into the world and checked my makeup at lunch time. I was GLOWINGGG hardcore. Guess the payoff was better than I thought…I should look into improving my bathroom lighting 😉


So that’s my latest ColourPop haul summed up- I hope the descriptions helped you! The texture of these products are so different than most products out on the market right now. If you love a metallic/glittery shadow, I would highlyyyyy recommend these eyeshadows! I wish I would have gotten more but I really just wanted to test out the formula. Have you tried anything from ColourPop? What are your favorite products?!


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