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It’s been kinda fun for me to round up these products from brands, so I hope you enjoy them too! This time around, we’re going more high end and checking out Urban Decay. This brand has always had a more edgy image. I distinctly remember saving up to get some of their products before homecoming one year. But as with all brands, there are some products I love and others I wouldn’t necessarily recommend.




24/7 Glide on Pencil (both Lip and Eye)


Their pencils are probably the #1 thing I would recommend from this brand. They are wooden pencils which can be drying. But I have never had an issue with these. They last for such a long time and just glide right onto the eyes and lips. The eyeliner doesn’t smudge or transfer onto my hooded lid. It always lasts through my entire work day and then some- and it comes in 43 shades. The lip liner is super smooth to apply as well and is such a great base for lipstick. Plus it comes in 50 shades so you’re bound to find a match! Since these are wooden, they’re easy to sharpen and you’re sure to always get a precise line. If there is one thing you’d think about buying from Urban Decay, it’s definitely these pencils!


All Nighter Setting Spray


This is another cult favorite from the Urban Decay brand and is one I use religiously for special occasions. When I did my makeup for my wedding, I finished off my makeup with this spray. And I continue to use it every time I have a special occasion. When I know I need my makeup to last for 12+ hours, this is my go-to. This spray I would recommend for combo to oily skin. There is a more moisturizing finishing spray for those of you who struggle with dry patches. I have the old packaging of this product, but the formula inside is the same! It comes out in a fine mist so there’s no need to worry about ruining your makeup. I just love the extra staying power this gives so it’s a permanent part of my collection!




Afterglow Highlight in Sin

This might have to be classified as my least favorite Urban Decay product, but I can definitely see how some people would love this. This highlight only comes in 3 shades which is a bummer in and of itself. It is smooth to the touch and is definitely pigmented. So you get your money’s worth! But for me, this highlight is too glittery and can get chunky if you don’t apply carefully. I just think it’s too much and just too extra for me. But if you are looking for a crazy intense, extra highlight that will make you shine like a diamond when you’re out at night? You probably need this. But for me, this is even too much for the daytime and I tend to prefer a more natural looking highlight.

Urban Decay Eyeshadows


There may be some people who are gasping about this right now. But I am not a huge fan of Urban Decay shadows. At least the ones I’ve tried. Disclaimer: I do not have any of the Naked palettes so I cannot speak to those specifically. There is an intensity with UD’s glitter shadows like few others I’ve seen. But the fallout to me is just not worth it. And it doesn’t seem to be consistent from shade to shade. Yes, they do have 98 different shades so I’m sure it’s not easy to have the exact same formula with all those pigments. But some I’ve tried have been too sheer while others are too chunky. I’d rather pick up a ColourPop dupe and use that instead because I know the quality will be good and it’s more affordable!


I have tried other products for them, but couldn’t fit them into either category. I have their Revolution Lipstick in Naked, which I love. But they discontinued that product and changed their formula and packaging. I’ve also tried their liquid glitter liner which I love. But I first got it in high school so it expired and glitter liner is not super practical in my adult life. So, have you tried any Urban Decay products? What are some of your favs?!
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