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We’re headed back to the drugstore for a new brand focus! Everyone has heard of Maybelline since they have been around for so long. Obviously, I haven’t tried all of their products- there’s just so many! But I wanted to share what I have tried and tell you what’s worth it and what’s not.




FIT Me Matte + Poreless Foundation


This is for sure my favorite Maybelline foundation. Which is weird to say because when I first bought this, I was so indifferent about it. But the more I wear this, the more I love it! This foundation is recommended for normal to oily skin and comes in 24 shades which is awesome. Plus, the foundation is oil-free. It also claims to absorb oil and minimize pores. I’m not sure about the absorbing oil part because I haven’t been that oily yet this year. But, this foundation alone minimizes my pores so freaking well. My skin looks so smooth and airbrushed, it’s crazy. On top of the foundation, I apply the RCMA No Color Powder in my T zone. The combo lasts on me all freaking day. No blotting. No touchups. I might even call this my fav drugstore foundation!


Eye Studio Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze


I have had this eyeshadow for 2 years, so I should probably throw it out and get a new one. It is drying out on me now, but you’re definitely not supposed to keep eyeshadow for 2 years. Whoops? Anyways, this eyeshadow is a cream formula so the texture feels so nice. I’ve always applied this with just my finger so it’s a great product if you’re on the go and in a pinch! Plus, it’s easy to apply and easy to blend. And it doesn’t crease on me! My biggest con for this product is that there’s only 4 shades so there’s not a wide variety. It’s mostly neutrals. Although that Tough as Taupe shade could be a great one to play with for cool toned looks!


SuperStay Better Skin Concealer


If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you probably knew I was going to mention this. Now that my work travel is done, I want to put this concealer head to head with the Too Faced Born This Way because I have a feeling I found a dupe! Anyways, there are 6 shades in this range which go from Ivory to Deep. Not the best, but the undertones look like they’d work for each skin tone. I would say this has about a medium coverage and a pretty natural finish. My favorite thing about this is definitely the finish- it’s satin/natural and lightweight. They claim this concealer has ingredients that reduce dark circles, imperfections, and spots. I can’t really prove those claims, but I can say that this is one of my fav concealers for a lighter makeup day.




Master Conceal Camouflaging Concealer


I won’t say this is an awful concealer, but Maybelline just has better options in their range than this one. This concealer comes in just 5 shades which I guess is alright because the range looks decent. But compared to other lines, it’s not a huge selection. This concealer is just too thick for me. It does have really full coverage and is pretty heavy duty if you do have intense dark circles. It was just too much for me. Plus, I found it really hard to blend. It’s pretty much impossible with a brush and I even had a tough time with a beauty blender! The end result looks nice and it eventually does blend out. But the process to get there was a serious struggle. Besides, I have other full coverage concealers that blend out much easier.


FIT Me Powder


Again, I won’t say this is a terrible option but I just can’t say it did much for me. It does look like this powder range has expanded because it now has a Set + Smooth powder (8 shades) and a Matte + Poreless powder (12 shades). So maybe I’ll give it another shot. But the powder I have just did an ok job. I don’t know if mine is just too old now or what but I can’t really get much product to pick up on the brush. Plus, it just doesn’t have the greatest coverage. I am willing to be open minded and try out what seems to be new formulations of this powder though. I’ve also been testing out another Maybelline powder though so I’ll probably be tough on the new formula. This one just didn’t do anything for me- it’s just kinda meh.


I have other products from Maybelline, but can’t say I’m obsessed with them. Their lipsticks are a great affordable option, but I find myself reaching for ColourPop more often. I have 2 of their eyeliners as well- the Line Stiletto and Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner. I like the gel eyeliner better, but I just don’t use gel eyeliner often enough! I’ve also tried their Age Rewind Concealer and the FIT Me Concealer, but I have to say that the Better Skin one is the one I reach for. I’ve also been trying out their Better Skin Powder am still gathering my thoughts on that one. I’d love to hear your favs from Maybelline so I know what to try next!


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