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In case you can’t tell, I’ve ordered just a couple times from ColourPop. But at their prices I seriously cannot resist! It all started because of beauty influencer KathleenLights and her collabs with the brand. I really cannot remember what I ordered first but obviously it’s snowballed. And they churn out products like no other brand so there’s always something new I want to try!




Ultra Blotted Lip


Obsessed. I only have 2 shades and I have 1 more summer shade on the list. I own Zuma and Out of Beach. Then I will probably buy more Fall shades. I just love the wash of color these give to lips. They’re only slightly drying but they are transfer proof and last extremely long. If you want a hint of color, these are perfect. If I want something on my lips but don’t want it to look obvious I go for Zuma. I don’t know how to explain it but these are like a no fuss lipstick and I just couldn’t be more in love. The normal Blotted Lip formula is great if you want something more moisturizing and don’t mind the transfer. I did a full review on both these products here if you want to check it out.


Super Shock Shadows


If you’re looking for an inexpensive glitter or shimmer shadow that will pack a punch, look no further. I would stray away from the matte shades because their new pressed powder shadows have an amazing matte range. But these super shock shadows are no joke. They’re like a cream or mousse texture and are best applied with your finger or a synthetic flat shader brush. No setting spray or Fix+ needed for these babies- they shine all on their own! They last all day on my lids. I’ve never experienced fallout or creasing with these shadows either. And I never even use an eyeshadow primer! I can apply liner on top without running into any issues or having glitter flake off. These shadows are just amazing for taking a look to another level with some sparkle! I talk a little more about the Super Shock formula in this post.




Creme Gel Liner


Out of everything I own, this is probably the most disappointing for me. It just doesn’t really work for my eyes or how I like to line them. First of all, this pencil works best on the waterline. And I rarely line my waterline but I’ve gotten other pencils that were still decent on the lid. That wasn’t really the case with this. It works but it doesn’t really glide onto my lid like other pencils I own. It does last really long on my waterline. But it’s not super creamy and takes some work to build up the color. It’s pigmented when I swatch it, but for some reason it doesn’t apply the same on my eyes. So if you love using eyeliner on the waterline and your eyes aren’t super sensitive, these might work out for you. They just are too hard to work with for me.


Super Shock Cheek


Honestly I debated including this in the “meh” category but this is probably one of my least used products from ColourPop so it’s only fair. I have a pressed powder blush in one of their duos and for me, the pressed version is just more convenient to apply. This cheek formula is like a mousse or cream just like the shadows. I apply this product with either my finger and then blend it out. Or I use a duo fiber brush, which is probably the easiest. These babies are super pigmented though so you do have to be careful or you could look like a clown. I also suggest looking on Google for different swatches because a few of the ones I’ve ordered have come back a completely different color than I thought they’d be! It still worked out, but be careful if you’re going for a specific shade.


There are some misses from this brand that have come out. But fortunately they’ve never been products that I’ve purchased! The contour and highlight sticks (that I think are now discontinued) were very hard to blend out from what I could see. I also totally forgot about their pressed powder duos- I’m obsessed with the blush and the highlight is so intense. You really can’t go wrong with ColourPop, but the hits are the products I grab the most! They recently came out with pressed bronzers and concealers which I am just dying to try. Just go online right now and pick up a few things- free shipping at $30 means you can get 5-6 products to try!!


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