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This is a pretty new brand to me so as you can see, my collection from this brand isn’t that extensive (yet). But since I am trying out a bunch of products anyways I figured I’d break this brand down for you and talk about the good, the bad, and the meh. I did just talk about one of their products in my last post, but I’ll briefly be touching on the rest of the ones I own too!




Ultimate Color Lipstick


I heard some buzz about these lipsticks and for some reason I assumed they were matte. They retail for about $7 and come in 10 shades on Ulta’s website. I went with two pretty neutral shades: Nude-Tastic and Maroon. These are definitely a creamy formula, and a really nice one at that! They glide so nicely on the lips and have such great pigment. There is a sheen to the lips that I would say is a satin finish. I definitely use a lip liner with these because they are so creamy on the lips. I definitely prefer the Maroon shade for an everyday pinky nude. All in all, this is a great creamy lipstick formula at an affordable price!


Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick


The name of this one is definitely deceiving. It sounds like it might be a liquid or liquefied lipstick, but it isn’t. This is a lip gloss, and one with a pretty nice formula as well! It retails for $7 and comes in 8 different shades on Ulta’s website. I have the shade Rose Would You? which is another neutral pinky nude that works great as a my lips but better shade for me. It has a paddle style applicator which makes application quick but not necessarily precise. But the formula is very creamy and has the perfect amount of pigment. It gives decent shine as well but isn’t sticky at all. I definitely see myself topping off a lot of lip products using this gloss!




Prime & Fine Pore Refining Anti-Shine Base


I don’t think this is a terrible primer, but because of the claims I have to list this one as a miss. This primer claims to minimize shine, reduce the appearance of pores, and help your makeup last longer. This primer retails for $8 on the Ulta website which is a great drugstore price for a primer. It has almost a moisturizer consistency which totally threw me off but it does sink into the skin nicely. I have combination skin and this primer definitely did not keep me matte all day and I don’t think it made a difference with my pores. I can’t even imagine what it would be like if someone with oily skin tried this primer! So because it doesn’t live up to the claims, this is a miss for me.




Aqua Ink-In-Gloss Lip Stain


This was a product I picked up on a whim because it sounded so intriguing! Based off the description, it sounded like it would have longevity but be lightweight on the lips. On Ulta’s website, this lip stain comes in 4 different shades and retails for $6. I picked up the shade Burgundy Sunset Waves which should be a great winter lip shade. The texture of this lip product is super interesting! It literally was like applying a watery gloss. But then it dries down super quickly and leaves a nice wash of color on the lips. It’s super comfortable but the stain didn’t last that long on my lips. But if you don’t mind reapplying the product, this is a decent stain otherwise.


Prime & Fine Contouring Palette


Of all the Catrice products, this product is the one I’ve heard the most about. I won’t go into too much detail since I did just review this product (check it out here). I think my expectations were just a little too high for this product. If you’re a beginner or more into a natural look, I think you’d really like this. The pigment is more subtle so you have to build up a little more on the skin. The contour shade is actually really nice. I love how ashy it is because it does look like a natural shadow which gives definition to the cheekbones. I don’t mind this duo partly because the price is so good, but there are others I know I’ll reach for more.


So there’s the breakdown! I definitely have my eye on other products from Catrice that I want to try. But as with most drugstore products, it can be pretty hit or miss. The trend with this brand seems to be that their lip products are pretty good if not great, but the face products could be improved. I’d love to hear your favorites from this brand as well.
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