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So today starts a new series I am pretty excited about! It’s going to be a series that will probably last over a year. But I am going through each makeup category and talking about my favorite products from each. I figured I’d start with the very first step in the face: primer. With all the ones I’ve tried, I narrowed it down to my top 3 holy grails. These are tried and true primers that I have used up and would go back to.


Benefit PoreFessional Primer


It’s so funny that this is in my holy grail primers because I definitely did not understand the hype when I first got this product. But since I’ve been trying more pore filling primers, I see why everyone loves this so much. It is a high end product so the full size is $31 for .75oz of product on the Ulta website. There’s also a travel size which is $12 for .25 oz and I just saw a jumbo size which is $49 for 1.5oz. If you can swing the hit to the bank account, the jumbo is definitely the biggest bang for your buck. It definitely works better when you pat it in, and I normally apply it just to my problem areas. This stuff erases my pores like literally nothing else I’ve tried. I’m currently out but definitely need to go pick up another one!


NYX Angel Veil


This is hands down the best drugstore primer I’ve ever tried. I don’t know why, but I have such a hard time justifying spending a lot of money on primer. So lately I have been on an insane hunt at the drugstore looking for a great primer. I have tried quite a few primers, and this is by far the best one I’ve tried. I do use this primer all over my face, not just my problem areas. I try to use a small amount since this primer is white and can leave a cast on the skin. But this makes my skin so smooth and is the perfect prep before my foundation! It smooths out my skin but doesn’t have a slippery texture at all.


Makeup Forever Step 1 Equalizer Primer in Smoothing


I have not used this primer in so long, but I still wanted to include this. In the winter, my skin is drier so I think I would have to pick up a different formulation of this primer, like the Hydrating version. But in the spring and summer when I have more oily problem areas, this stuff is life. I use this in a very similar way to the Benefit primer. Usually I pat this primer into my skin and especially focus on the problem areas. It does have a tint which is nice and it just melts into the skin and leaves a super nice velvety texture. This is definitely a holy grail primer for me when the weather gets warmer. I just haven’t been using it too often since we got into Fall since my skin is much drier than usual.


If there was an “honorable mention” category, I think I’d give that to the Smashbox Photo Finish primer. It’s the primer I used for my wedding day and is an all around great primer. I personally have been staying around from the “silicone” like primers which is why I didn’t mention it at all until now. But if you’re into that, definitely give it a look. So there are my holy grail products (and one for good measure)! I’d love to hear your holy grail primers too so leave them down below!


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