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August 4, 2016Tips, Standard

To say life has been crazy is an understatement! July flew by before I even knew it between prepping for the move, painting the entire house in 5 days, and then adopting a 3 month old puppy I barely had time to sleep. Our new pup likes to wake up at 5am (like who even does that?!) so the adjustment has been roughhhhhh. We still don’t have everything unpacked so getting photos and doing prep has been impossible. I was way too ambitious when I thought I could jump back on schedule so quickly! I’ll be switching to 2 posts a week in the hopes of actually sticking to the schedule- Mondays and Thursdays.  Anyways- I’m going right back to my beginner’s tips series. Today is all about eyeshadow.


For me, applying eyeshadow starts with good brushes. You want the shades to blend into one another, and if you don’t have a good brush to do that it can get tough when you want to try out more complicated looks. I invested in some Sigma brushes when I first got into makeup, but I’ve heard Morphe has great options and they’re more affordable. I’d say the essentials are a fluffy blending brush, a natural hair more precise crease brush, a shader brush, and a pencil brush. It can also be helpful to get a small precision brush for the inner corner and browbone, but I’ve used my finger in a pinch and gotten away with it just fine. Use the blending brush and crease brush in sweeping motions throughout the crease and outer v, and use patting motions with the shader brush to get the best results.


For all basic eyeshadow looks, you’ll need to know the parts of the eye (and not those weird science terms)! This diagram from Nerdy Girl Makeup is helpful in showing exactly where the crease is. As far as where to apply the eyemapeyeshadow and when, that can really depend on your eye shape and what type of look you’re going for. It took me a while to figure out what eye shape I actually have (they’re slightly hooded, btw) but this article from Beautylish is a great resource and has pictures of celebrities to help you actually figure it out once and for all! A great shortcut (or practice) is to go look at a palette with 4 colors and figure out which colors would be best for the eye. Typically, the lightest shade is used to highlight the inner corners and the browbone. The second lightest is used all over the lid (from the lashline to the beginning of the crease). The second darkest color is used in the crease and the darkest shade is best for the outer v. Of course, you can play around with shades- it’s just makeup so have some fun! But that is definitely a good foolproof trick for when you’re starting out.


There are a few different ways you can apply shadow and some are better for particular eye shapes but again, makeup is meant to be fun so if you want to try something new then go right ahead! It can be washed off if it turns out badly!  If you have an almond shape, you can get away with the most different types of eye looks because it’s the most symmetrical shape. Here are some different eyeshadow looks to try:


Most Universal

This shape is pretty simple and should be easy to achieve for beginners. It just entails using 3 different colors: a light shade, a medium shade, and a deeper shade. The exact shades and colors you can choose and the intensity of the darker shades you can choose too. Apply the lightest shade on the inner corner on both the upper and lower portion of the eye. In the middle of the lid and lower lash line, apply the medium shade. Lastly, use the deeper shade on the outer portion of the eye, meshing the shades so it flows from the upper and lower lash line.


The Trendy Look

There’s a trendy eyeshadow look overtaking the smoky eye that’s called the “Halo” effect. This look at its simplest can use just 2 shades- a deeper shade and a lighter shade. Most of the tutorials have that “lighter” shade actually being a bright shade or a glittery shade. Apply the darker shade in both the inner corner and outer corner of the eye. Repeat this step on the lower lash line as well. Then take the lighter shade and apply it to the center of the lid and center of the lower lash line. Just make sure your shadows are blended! I think this looks best when a 3rd shade (a transition color) is added in the crease to help make sure everything is blended.


Smoky Eye

Ahhhh the smoky eye. I definitely have not mastered the classic black smoky eye, but that’s ok (and unrealistic for where I work)! Layering shades is key for this look so just be patient and work one shade at a time! It was super helpful for me to watch a few tutorials before attempting this so good luck- and remember practice makes perfect! Use a range of shades to help build color up- and a range of brushes. Start with a fluffy brush and a transition shade in the crease and use a blending brush to make everything look seamless as you get to darker shades. I like working with browns, and using a mid-tone shade all over the lid to get the smoky effect without being too dramatic. Make sure to carry some of the deeper shades onto the lower lash line- and use a highlight shade on the brow bone to keep that part of the eye lifted.


Cut Crease

This last look is another trendy look going around YouTube lately, and looks so cool on the eye. I have not actually tried this look on my eyes at all, but one of these days I’ll play around with it. I don’t know if this is really a beginner’s look either, but since it’s so popular I figured I’d talk about it. I guess this can technically be done with just 2 colors to make it simple- but there a ton of tutorials out there using more shades and amping up the look. Take a pencil brush and draw a precise line with a midtone or deeper shade along the crease. Blend it out upward slightly but be careful not to ruin the sharp line towards the lid since the line is what makes this a cut crease. Then, take a lighter shade and apply it all over the lid. Voila- that’s the simple version!


Obviously some of these looks are simplified and generalized so you can use whatever shades you want to play with. But as with everything, practice makes perfect. So grab some shadows and just have fun- you’ll get the hang of it eventually! Hopefully this longer post will make up (haaaa) for leaving you guys hanging for so long! Do you have any tips I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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