Beginner’s Tips: All About Lipstick!

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Lipstick and lip products in general are things that I honestly didn’t pay much attention to when I first started using makeup. My routine consisted of slapping some lip balm on my lips (ChapStick most of the time) and that was about it. I dabbled in lip gloss sometimes but thought it was a hassle to have to reapply. Then I started watching more tutorials on YouTube and my whole world changed. Ok, not actually. But you get what I mean! You can barely do anything else on the rest of your face but throw on a bold lip and you look instantly put together. It’s just so easy! Why didn’t I dive into lippies sooner?! Then came the trend of liquid lipstick. So I can look put together AND I don’t have to mess around with reapplying?! Sign me up! But it’s not as easy as just throwing a color on your lips. There are sooooo many different products on the market now and a seemingly endless number of different finishes and formulas. Which one to choose?


The finishes are probably the hardest to grasp because not only are there so many but different brands have different ones! Luckily the most popular ones are pretty similar so I’ll quickly go over those. The three most common are matte, satin, and creme. Matte is just what it sounds like- no shine and more of a velvety texture. The downside to this is that most formulas dry out the lips but on the upside they also last on the lips longer. Satin finishes have more of a light sheen and keep your lips feeling hydrated. This is the finish I would recommend anyone who just wants to test out a lipstick- it will be a more natural finish for the lips and the color won’t be as dramatic so you can get used to the look and feel of product on your lips. Creme is what I think of when I think of classic lipstick. It is more long wearing than a satin would be but it’s not as drying as a matte lipstick would be. Since this finish has more of a creamy texture, I would be sure to pair whatever shade you choose with a lip liner to prevent bleeding and smudging throughout the day.

For glosses, there aren’t different finishes per se but there are sheer glosses vs pigmented glosses. For example, ColourPop’s Ultra Glossy Lip comes in a sheer formula as well as a glossy, creme, and metallic formula. Most companies don’t have different finishes in their glosses but luckily swatching the shades and doing a little Google searching goes a long way to figure out what each brand’s glosses are like. ColourPop’s products give you a great idea of what kind of gloss finishes are out there though- and the pigmented gloss seems to be trending lately!


Finishes: check. But what about the shade?! Sadly this is something I’m still learning myself- I think the best way is just to buy a few shades and some different finishes and play around! You can stare at swatches and watch YouTube videos or examine undertones, but everyone’s lips are different. A color that looks purple toned on my lips may look more pink on someone else’s lips since everyone’s lips have different color to them naturally. If you wanted some sort of guidance, cooler lipsticks generally work better with fair skin tones while warmer tones work better for deeper and more olive skin tones. If you work in an office with that awful florescent lighting, a shade with more of a pink undertone will look more natural. But really- there are no rules! This is a great excuse to play around with makeup and add new products to your collection.


Now for the actual application of the product- for any type or finish of lipstick, chapped lips will just make it look like a mess. So make sure you exfoliate your lips with something- a scrub, washcloth, even a Q tip! Then follow up with a lip balm- this will make sure your lips are nice and smooth which will make for an easier application. Make sure that the lip balm is either completely soaked in or dab off the excess before you go in with your lipstick though- the balm will block the product from fully adhering to the lips. Lip liner can be nice and help make sure the color doesn’t bleed but for good quality lipsticks, it’s not a must-have. I haven’t invested in one yet, but I would recommend applying a clear lip liner underneath to make sure the color stays where it’s supposed to and a clear liner will work with any shade of lipstick!

These beginner series posts are always longer, but I try to pack in as much information as possible so I hope you find them helpful! If you’re nervous about trying lipstick, I would definitely recommend starting with either a gloss or a satin lipstick. That will get you comfortable with wearing something on the lips. Whether you choose high end or drugstore products to try (I recommend drugstore to play around with finishes and shades- much easier on the wallet!), there are tons of good quality options. Drugstore companies like L’Oreal and Maybelline have awesome quality lipsticks and there’s always the classic MAC lipsticks if you want something more high end.

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