Battle of the Liquid Lipsticks: Revlon Provocolips

June 17, 2017Reviews, , Standard


When it comes to liquid lipsticks at the drugstore, it can be so hit and miss! Not only that, but they waited longer to release their formulas of the liquid lipstick. Revlon is a little different though. I’m pretty sure their Provocolips line has been around for quite a few years!


This liquid lippie retails for $6.99 at Ulta and comes in 10 different shades. There is a decent mix of neutral shades, bold shades, and even a few deeper ones. What they’re lacking is the range within each of those categories. There’s only 2 neutral shades so if neither of those suit your undertone, then you’re outta luck. You also won’t get any trendy shades with this line either. That’s not a deal breaker for me though. I picked up the shade I’ll Call You. On me, it looks like a Barbie hot pink shade. The formula of this is nothing like others I’ve tried. It’s like a 2 step system where you have color on one end of the tube and a balm topcoat on the other. The balm side smells slightly fruity, but the lip color side smells faintly like paint. Strange.


So the idea is that this lip will last you 16 hours while being lightweight on the lips. But is that actually the case? Thankfully the smell doesn’t linger for 16 hours! Both applicators are a standard doe foot which makes application pretty simple. Both products glide well onto the lips as well! The lip color side is very pigmented and isn’t patchy at all. But for some reason, the consistency reminds me of like a liquid latex or something. Maybe I’m just used to ultra matte finishes? The balm helps to moisturize after the color and also adds to the high shine finish. It actually does last a really long time, but I did notice some fading after lunch. And I’m not sure I’d consider this “transfer proof” because the balm does come off on your coffee mug or water glass.


If I’m being honest, my most recent application went better than I remembered. I hated this formula when I tried it for the first time. Now I don’t think it’s as terrible, but the formula and consistency really throws me off. It literally feels like I have plastic or paint on my lips. Not a nice feeling. I also think it emphasizes the lines on my lips and almost makes them look like little raisins, even though they feel perfectly moisturized. It’s a cool concept, but I think I prefer my traditional liquid lippie formulas! Check out my other Battle posts for alternatives from both high end and the drugstore.


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