August Favorites 2017

I seriously cannot believe that tomorrow is September! Yes, I know I say that almost every month. But it’s so true! The past couple days have felt a little crisper and cooler so it’s getting me ready for Fall. Although, I hate that after fall is winter- yuck! Anyways, these are the products I’ve been loving this month:


L’Oreal True Match Lumi


This one is a little surprising to me because I normally hate this foundation in the summer. My combo skin usually is too oily for this! But, after coming back from the beach my skin was so dry and dehydrated. I picked up this foundation in my new tanner shade (W5) and can’t stop using it! It really helped my skin retain the moisture and gave it an extra boost of hydration. When I came back from vacation, most of my foundations were too light so it helped that this is a drugstore price too! My skin always bounces back way quicker than I expect it to when I use this! I usually pair this with a pore minimizing primer and my RCMA powder to make sure it doesn’t emphasize my pores too much. Although I find that the original True Match exaggerates pores more so than this formulation.


Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Naked


This one is kinda cheating because I don’t think this formulation exists anymore, but I’m thinking the same shade exists in their new Vice Lipstick. I believe that shade comes in the Cream formula as well so I bet it’s very similar! Anyways, as mentioned before my skin was super dry after I came back from vacation. So I put down a lot of my matte products and grabbed cream and dewier products instead. This lipstick was great because it’s so creamy and glides on smooth. And it’s a nice neutral shade so it went with pretty much any eye look I wanted to do! My favorite thing to do was add a gloss over top for extra moisture and a more pouty look.


Maybelline Better Skin Concealer in Light


If you saw my comparison between this and the Too Faced Born This Way concealer, you already know I’m a fan. The biggest bummer of this product for me is the lack of shades. But if you can find one that works for you, it is a great option at an affordable price point! In case you haven’t picked up on it by now, my skin was feeling a little dry so a more hydrating concealer was also a must for me. I wanted something that would give the under eyes some moisture. And something that had a more natural dewy finish. This concealer is definitely my favorite for both of those needs! The shade was a little light with my tan skin but that also meant a more brightened effect under my eyes. Obviously an added bonus!


NYX Angel Veil Primer


I really never stick to just one primer as my holy grail. I tend to switch it up depending on how my skin is that day or how dewy I want to be. But this primer is one I tend to keep going back to! And it’s from the drugstore so it’s at an affordable price point- an even bigger bonus. I don’t want to say I had a ton of texture but my skin just wasn’t looking or feeling very “airbrushed.” And this primer helped even everything out and create a nice blank surface for my foundation. I’m always thrown off by how this primer feels- it’s almost silky in a way! Anyways, this creates a nice base for my face products and it doesn’t emphasize my pores at all. And have I mentioned that it’s from the drugstore?!


Kat Von D Contour Kit


I know this contour kit is raved about and well loved by the beauty community. But after the serious letdown I had with Anastasia’s kit, I think I got a little jaded. I assumed it was all just hype and nothing would live up to my Too Faced kit. But I literally cannot stop using this kit! Lucid and Lyric are perfect for my under eyes. If I’m nervous about flashback or too much translucent powder, I use a combo of these 2 shades to brighten everything up again! The 2 lightest contour shades are also amazing. And the deepest one (Subconscious)  I like using as an eyeshadow! If I want a light contour I use Sombre. And if I think I need some warmth to the skin, I just pop on some Shadowplay. I literally think I used this kit every time I applied makeup this month. No joke.


In case you can’t tell, these products saved my skin after being dry and dehydrated from the beach! So if your skin is going through a rough patch or is just dry normally, I definitely recommend these products for you. There’s a few product launches I have my eye on for fall and I’m hoping I’ll be able to snag them! I think it’s about time I tried more new products- so leave your suggestions in the comments.

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