How to: Add Color to your Makeup Look

September 14, 2017Tips, Standard

It can be super easy to get stuck in a neutral brown rut. Trust me. I’ve been there too. Or maybe you’d like to add some color but are scared to end up looking like a clown. Or maybe you’re totally new to this makeup stuff and have no idea where to even start. Here’s some simple ways to add color to your makeup look:




There are a few ways that I like to incorporate color on my eyes. This might be the tip that has the most options because there really are so many possibilities when it comes to color on the eyes! You could do a bright color on the lid, or in the crease. I personally love burgundy or purple tones in the crease and a sparkly light baby pink on the lid! You could keep the colors neutral on the lid, but then opt for a bright color liner. A pop of a metallic gold or a bright teal, maybe even cobalt blue winged liner! What if you’re not comfortable with eyeliner yet? Well, take a pop of color on your lower lash line instead! You can really bring out the color of your eyes this way. Seriously, there are so many different ways to incorporate color on your eyes!




There aren’t really a ton of different options when it comes to the lips. But it is probably the easiest way to incorporate color into a makeup look. You don’t need a ton of expertise or practice. Literally just find a shade you want to try, and pop it onto your lips! You could literally be wearing no other makeup and do this for a subtle hint of color on your face. If you don’t wear a ton of makeup or are new to lip colors, try a gloss or tinted lip balm first. That way you can get used to the look of color on your lips. Before you know you’ll be going whole hog for a liquid lip that won’t budge all day! One of my fav makeup looks is to have a very simple eye look and a bold lip. You look put together instantly!




I think color on the face is probably the most tricky. I could totally cheat and throw bronzer in the mix since brown is technically a color. And it does give your face some warmth and dimension. But this post is meant for non neutral colors and how to get comfortable with using them! For the face, it really leaves just one option: blush. I am not a huge blush person but if you’re not into a ton of makeup, blush can be a very simple way to add some color to your face. Shades like a soft pink or peach and really brighten up your complexion. And you don’t have to wear any other makeup for it to look good! I also love brick or tangerine shades on deep undertones. It could be a very bold look. Or a subtle way to try a little flush of color!


Keep in mind: you could risk looking like a clown if you attempt all of these tips in one makeup look. There are definitely ways to have color on the eyes, lips and face all at once without going overboard. But if you’re shy to color or new to makeup in general, I would suggest just picking one tip to try. It’s an easy and simple way to play around with color and still look good when you’re done!


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